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A Bloody Fight Between Penguins Over A Cheating Partner Has People Riveted


On Friday, the Nat Geo Channel tweeted out a video of a penguin cheating scandal with a plot fit for a bloody soap opera.

A fight breaks out when a husband comes home and finds his wife with another penguin.

It starts with a husband penguin coming home to see his penguin wife with another man.

In a fit of passion, he fights the other male penguin, but after trading fierce penguin smacks, the fight comes to a standstill.

They end up fighting again, and husband penguin ends up losing the fight, his girl, his house, basically everything.

The drama and savagery was all a bit much, and people took to Twitter to share their emotions. Some were distraught...

... others commented on the cold nature of the narrator.

Some peeps even did their own play-by-play via memes.

"You ain't shit Barnard, you don't catch fish, your feet ain't happy and you don't PLEASE ME ANYMORE."

Quite a few tweets pictured it as a different, more humanlike scenario.

@NatGeoChannel He should of just skipped the bullshit and taken her to Maury

Someone even dream casted their version of "Slappy Feet."

The cast for Slappy Feet has been revealed: the wife, the husband, and the side hoe

People wanted answers.

In the end one thing was for sure...

After I saw that video, i can say this for sure: I will never, ever, ever cheat on a penguin.

... his feet certainly weren't happy after this drama.


me: i hate drama the internet: watch this penguin beat up another penguin who was cheating with his penguin wife…