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19 Quizzes For Anyone Who Loves Animals

Talk a walk on the wild side.

1. What Kind Of Dog Are You?


Because is there anything better than being a dog?

2. What Kind Of Cat Are You?


It's time you searched for the feline within.

3. Which Mythical Creature Are You?

New Line Cinema / Getty

We're all unicorns on the inside.

4. Who's Your Disney Best Friend?


Everyone needs a sidekick, right?

5. Which Pet Should You Actually Have?


Set aside your cat-person and dog-person mentalities to discover the truth.

6. We Know Your Exact Age And Height Based On What Puppies You Like

Getty / NBC

So scientific you'll think it was created in a lab.

7. Which Harry Potter House Does Your Cat Belong In?

Getty / Warner Bros.

Time to break out the old Sorting Hat and figure out exactly what kind of cats we have.

8. What Animated Dog Are You?

Charles M. Schulz

Because you know you lay awake at night trying to figure it out. You're welcome.

9. Which Disney Animal Are You?


"Remember who you are!"

10. Which Animal Matches Your Personality?


Which beast best represents you?

11. Build A Boyfriend And We’ll Reveal What Puppy You Deserve Instead

Puppy > boyfriend.

12. What Kind Of Bird Are YOU?


Are you more of a wise ol' owl or a rockin' robin?

13. Everyone Is A Mix Of Two Dog Breeds – Here's Yours


Sniff out the answer with this quiz.

14. Pick A Corgi And Get An Oddly Specific Compliment


If you're having a ruff day, these corgis are here for you.

15. What Level Dog Person Are You?


Let's see how much you ACTUALLY love dogs

16. How Much Of A Cat Person Are You?


You already have some idea of how much you like cats. But do you know how much they like you?

17. Which Uncommon Dog Breed Would You Be?

NBC / Getty

This quiz is so fetch.

18. How Well Do You Know Your Cute Rodents?


Do you know your hamsters from your gerbils?

19. These 7 Questions Will Determine Which Hogwarts House Your Dog Is In

Warner Bros. Pictures / Getty

Time to break out the ol' Sorting Hat!

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