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25 Reasons You Should Never Visit Texas

Nothing to see here.

1. Everyone seems to think that Texas is a some kind of natural paradise.

Flickr: stuckincustoms / Creative Commons

Hamilton Pool, Texas

2. They couldn't be more wrong.


Karnack, Texas

3. It's not pretty at all.

Flickr: jimnix / Creative Commons

Gruene, Texas

4. Seasons aren't even a thing here.


Vanderpool, Texas

5. It's a land of perpetual summer...

Flickr: stevenm_61 / Creative Commons

Mesquite, Texas

6. ...and spring is pretty much nonexistent.


Helotes, Texas

7. The landscapes are completely underwhelming.

Flickr: joshbousel / Creative Commons

Guadalupe Mountains, Texas

8. I mean, who would actually want to see this?

Flickr: gold41 / Getty

Inks Lake, Texas

9. Or this?

Flickr: wselman / Creative Commons

Enchanted Rock, Texas

10. It's just a dry desert wasteland.

Flickr: mooseblend / Creative Commons

Caddo Lake, Texas

11. Seriously, it's sooo dry!

Getty Images/iStockphoto cmarvins

Center Point, Texas

12. The whole state is pretty much flat...

James Pharaon / Getty

Big Bend National Park, Texas

13. ...and most of the land is completely featureless.


Palo Duro Canyon, Texas

14. The beaches are gross...


Galveston, Texas

15. ...and the rivers are a huge letdown.

Flickr: mcalderon / Creative Commons

McKinney State Park, Texas

16. Road trips through the state are a total drag.

Caitlin Mirra / Getty

Chisos Mountains, Texas

17. There is absolutely nothing to see.

Getty Images / jkauffeld

Santa Elena Canyon, Texas

18. The cities aren't that great...

Getty Images/Ultima Gaina

Dallas, Texas

19. ...and some are flat-out ugly.

Josh Baker / Getty

Austin, Texas

20. The sunsets are unremarkable...

Dean Fikar / Getty

Benbrook Lake, Texas

21. ...and the night sky is painfully dull.

Flickr: straight-nochaser / Getty

Luckenbach, Texas

22. The wildlife is nothing out of the ordinary.

Ernie Decker / Getty

23. I mean, this is JUST a cat.

Eli Saenz / Getty

Los Fresnos, Texas

24. Seriously, don't come to Texas.

Flickr: paddymurphy / Creative Commons

Wimberley, Texas

25. Its total lack of beauty will only let you down.

Dawn Attebery / Getty

Palo Duro Canyon, Texas


Flickr: smreilly / Creative Commons

Chihuahuan Desert, Texas