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27 Art History Photos That Are Too Funny For Their Own Good

Art hilariously imitating life.

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4. The one time Lucifer actually came through.


5. The greatest case of morning wood ever.

6. This deathly good selfie taker.

8. This toddler who gave zero fucks.

Me: "can I go to the toilet?" Teacher: "I don't know, can you?" Me:


10. What it feels like to be literally thirsty.

11. This baby Jesus who is really feeling that Holy Spirit.


13. These paintings that prove the Dark Ages weren't so dark.

14. What it really feels like to suck at makeup.

15. That one time mom couldn't take a hint.

when you're netflix and chilling with bae but your mum barges in cos you forgot your helmet


17. Napoleon's lighter side.

18. This painting that perfectly captures a weekend full of regret.

When you see someone tagged you in photos from the weekend

19. The real origin of a dance craze.

20. This painting that captures drinking during the workweek.

"I've got work tomorrow so I'll only have one drink"


26. The stark reality of leaving the club.

when you grindin' in the club and the lights come on

27. And finally, this existential crisis.