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24 Things People Who Are Always Hot Will Understand

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

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1. You absolutely can't live without AC.

2. A cold shower isn't just for after a workout — it's basically the only way you shower.

Olive Bride Entertainment / Via

3. At night you get so hot you're forced to sleep with as few clothes as possible.

Cartoon Network / Via

Sometimes naked.

4. You commonly sleep on top of the blankets to avoid trapping yourself in a bed oven.

5. You wish it were socially acceptable to be shirtless all the time.

6. You constantly suffer from thirst.

Showtime / Via

Actual thirst.

7. You've always had an issue with sweating.

Armpits, in your elbows, behind your ear. Everywhere and anywhere, basically.

8. That means wet, clammy hands...

9. And intricate back-sweat patterns.

Cute yet gross at the same time.

10. You always feel the overwhelming need to wipe your damp face.

11. While other people look forward to summer, you feel as if it's your own personal hell.

Three months of 90º-plus temperatures? No thanks.

12. Seeing summer temperatures makes you want to damn near faint.

Current heat index numbers = surface of the sun #fox10wx #HeatAdvisory

Matt Barrentine@matt_barrentine

Current heat index numbers = surface of the sun #fox10wx #HeatAdvisory

12:23 PM - 23 Aug 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

13. Cuddling is an issue because your body heat makes things uncomfortable.

Along with someone literally breathing hot air down your neck.
Paramount Pictures / Via

Along with someone literally breathing hot air down your neck.

14. Winter is your favorite time of the year mostly because of the weather.

You wear shorts, even when it's snowing. Doesn't matter why, you're just comfortable for the first time in a long time.

15. Going outside in January is refreshing, not freezing.

Disney / Via

16. Around the house you wear the least amount of clothes possible.

FOX / Via

17. Taking off your pants is the first thing you do when you get home.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Gotta air things out.

18. Your wardrobe consists mostly of shorts.

No "shortage" here.

19. Your medicine cabinet is pretty much an assortment of antiperspirants.

So much swagger.

20. Most of your shirts have permanent pit stains.


21. Even when you're sitting still, you're still burning up.

FOX / Via

Can somebody turn on the AC?

22. Your back and legs stick to leather or plastic chairs when you're sweaty, which is often.

23. You’ll go through extreme measures just to beat the heat.

Nickelodeon / Via

You've literally rubbed ice cubes on yourself, and not for the sake of trying to be sexy.

24. Eventually everyone else grows tired of your complaining.

But there is no escaping your internal furnace.

Disney / Via

Oh well. At least winter is a walk in the park for you.

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