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23 Things People Who Grew Up On The Mexican Border Have Experienced

It's like a whole 'nother world.

1. You've found pesos mixed in with dollars in your pocket and wished they were worth the same amounts.

2. You are used to crossing to get cheaper prescriptions.

3. Along with inexpensive doctors visits.

4. Drinks were cheaper as well.

5. The legal drinking age in Mexico was also 18.

Both these facts meant you probably drank waaay more than you should have.

6. You are very familiar with the "street" version of street tacos.

7. Long lines at the border crossing were a regular occurrence.

So you were always prepared with food in the car.

8. You had a passport at a really young age.

Really, really young.

9. You avoided crowded malls at all costs during Mexican holidays.

10. It always seemed as it you had to go through a U.S. checkpoint when you're in a hurry.

11. If you went to private school, chances are half of your classmates were wealthy Mexicans.

12. Over time, you have developed a strong grasp of the Spanglish language.

HBO / Via

13. Because of signal mixups you got a lot more Mexican stations than American ones, which meant a lot of telenovelas...

... Along with other lighter programs.

Televisa / Via

14. Even though you lived close by you were still guilty of taking touristy pics.

15. The border wall served as a constant visual reminder of where you live.

17. Since there were so many conflicting towers on both sides of the border, you always got terrible cell phone reception.

Justin Sullivan / Getty

18. And when you went across you always used pay phones to avoid crazy roaming charges.

19. You had an international keyboard so a lot of your autocorrections were in Spanish.

20. Wal-Mart greeters greeted you with "buenos dias" instead of good morning.

http://J.D. Pooley / Getty

21. Chances are you probably have a friend or family member who works for Border Patrol...

22. ... But you cringe when your town gets mentioned on Border Wars.

National Geographic / Via

23. Above all, you've always wondered why the lines were so much shorter going into Mexico.

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