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This Theory About Radiohead's New Album Will Seriously Mess You Up

Could this be the band's farewell?

On Sunday, May 8th, the British band Radiohead released its first studio album in five years.

The album was launched after the band announced a world tour and "disappeared" from social media.

The last track of the album was a surprise for the fans.

The fans immediately began coming up with theories about the album.

However, one theory about the video for "Daydreaming" has triggered a huge discussion between the band's enthusiasts.

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The video, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (Magnolia, The Master), a friend of the band and collaborator on several projects with Jonny Greenwood, shows Thom Yorke opening and closing doors against different, seemingly unconnected backgrounds.

However, those familiar with the work of Radiohead and P. T. Anderson are well aware that there are no coincidences.

The user harvestLuca started a thread called "Radiohead's secret in 'Daydreaming' music video" showing some parallels between the images shown and the history of the the band's music video.

There he says that "Radiohead is walking through its past".

Other users found even more ~references~.

Like the fungui in this kitchen, which could be a reference to the script on the "Karma Police" single.

Indeed, Jonny Greenwood posted this discussion on his Facebook page.

This could be interpreted as a song from Radiohead to its fans and not a song about a break-up, like some lyrics analysis sites suggest.

Thom Yorke ended a 23-year relationship during the process of creating A Moon Shaped Pool.

In the discussion, the fans analyze the lyrics on the video to find answers.

What some see as a tribute, other see as a cryptic message. This might be Radiohead's last album.

The album has sound references to all of the band's discography and its "roundness" suggests that Radiohead is somehow closing a circle.

The special edition of the album has a piece of tape from the original masters from Radiohead's albums.

Especially since they included one of their oldest, saddest, most representative songs at the end of the album.

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Oh, and finally: the first word in the album is "Stay", the last one is "Leave".