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Only A Film Buff Can Get 13/17 On This Basic Movie Quiz

Guess the film from a single frame.

  1. What film features this character?

    Working Title Films
  2. This clock is fundamental to the plot of...

    Miramax Films
  3. What movie is this boy from?

    Cinetic Media
  4. Where did we see Hugh Jackman looking like this?

  5. Name this cult classic:

  6. This should be an easy one:

    Paramount Pictures
  7. What great movie is this scene from?

  8. Name this war movie:

  9. Kevin Spacey plays this character in...

    New Line Cinema
  10. Which Terminator is this?

    Helmdale Film
  11. What movie is this very formative scene from?

    Warner Bros.
  12. Bad movies can be great! Which movie is this?

  13. Do you recognize what movie this girl is from?

    New Line Cinema
  14. Where did you see this astronaut?

    Sony Pictures Classics
  15. Which movie is this?

    Element Pictures
  16. Which movie did Emma Stone look like this in?

    Columbia Pictures
  17. Last one...

    Warner Bros.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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