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28 Reasons Julia Louis-Dreyfus Should Actually Be Vice President Of The United States

JLD is here to protect and serve.

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1. She's already got the part down.

2. She's not shy in front of a camera.

3. She'll get her hands dirty.

HBO / Via

4. She speaks a wide variety of languages.

HBO / Via

5. She expresses herself clearly.

NBC / Via

6. She always presents the best version of herself.

HBO / Via

7. She's down to try new things.

HBO / Via

8. She stays focused in meetings.

9. She looks the part.

HBO / Via

10. She is realistic and straight forward.

CBS / Via

11. She addresses the people with poise.

12. She is more American than this burnt apple pie.

13. She can stand up for herself and what she believes in.

14. She faces her fears head on.

15. She never takes sick days.

16. She's self-aware.

17. She's up on the latest trends. #selfie

18. She is a master of the wave.

19. She stays on top of the nation's issues.

20. She runs in the right crowd.

21. She is serious but also has a silly side.

22. She takes a killer portrait.

Columbia TriStar Television/ Courtesy Everett Collection

23. She'll do whatever it takes for the republic.

NBC / Via

24. She is an advocate for peace.

25. She's one with the people.

26. She's already had a sex scandal.

GQ / Mark Seliger / Via

27. She has a universally authoritative voice.

28. Because why the hell not?

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