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    If You're Still Looking For The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift, It’s Time To Chat With Our AI Gift Robot

    Meet Zo, your V-Day shopping specialist.

    As of February 15, 2019, the ability to shop with Zo via the BuzzFeed Valentine's Day experience has been disabled and shopping with Zo is no longer available.

    Attention, cherubs! BuzzFeed has partnered with Microsoft to build an artificially intelligent Valentine’s Day gift finder!

    It's true. Our new AI Zo is getting top marks for her ability to chat with shoppers while helping them find the perfect gift for themselves or someone special. After all, shouldn’t Valentine's Day be about self-love too?

    Hold up. Can an AI really predict the perfect V-Day gift for your S.O.? Um ya better find out below.

    Did you talk gift ideas with Zo, or did you scroll right past?

    If you're feeling shy, don't! While you warm up to her, check out these picks to get the inspiration flowing. Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and you'll probably benefit from all the help you can get to find the perfect gift.

    And don’t worry — you'll find Zo at the bottom of this post one more time if you still need ideas.

    1. A neon light that speaks the language of love — when love means hating all the same things as someone else.

    2. A pup-shaped planter to show them your life would succ without them (and also because the only thing cuter than a tiny plant is a tiny corgi).

    3. A Q&A a Day journal, meant to fill out ~together~ with your partner, which asks questions like "Where would you like to travel with your partner?" or the delightfully sappy "What does your partner's laugh sound like?"

    4. A chocolate fondue maker to turn the most decadent of V-Day traditions — chocolate strawberries, obviously — into something you can actually make! Like, by yourself!

    5. A vibrating penis ring with multiple stages to shake up your next sesh between the sheets with some added stimulation.

    6. A Harry Potter-inspired cookbook to up your date-night dessert game.

    7. A pair of XO earrings for the most huggable and kissable S.O. in your life.

    8. A personalized cutting board because there's no one else you'd rather accidentally burn dinner and then order pizza with.

    9. A voucher book filled with redeemable coupons for cuddle sessions, candlelit baths, breakfasts in bed, and more. #romance

    10. A pack of Carolina Reapers (the hottest peppers in the world) to spice up your Valentine's Day dinner for two — literally.

    The real experience is talking to Zo live. Try for yourself! Odds are she'll find something perfect.

    Hold up. Can an AI really predict the perfect V-Day gift for your S.O.? Um ya better find out below.

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.