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Interview With Steves Peeps

I recently got the chance to talk with with Internet sensation Steves Peeps about 1990 Topanga and more.

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  • The much feared question...what inspires you? (in general or as of recent)

I would have to say ...

    The much feared question...what inspires you? (in general or as of recent) I would have to say as you could prob guess the 90s. EVERYTHING that has to do with the 90s Ace of Base
    TGIF Topanga 90s phrases colors fonts anything you could think of. What draws you to work with 90s colors and reference materials?  Well I sorta think the 90s was the last time in history where it was retro but we had enough technology
    to keep ourselves entertained . It is really the best of both worlds both current and retro. It is retro
    enough in a sense that it is a simple time. So recently you came out with a few 90s slogan tees how did that come about and how well did they sell?
     They sold very well actually. It is funny because Daniel Fishel who played Topanga on boy meets world saw
    it on twitter and loved it. The Girl who plays Rachel the red haired girl from that show actually follows my
    tweets on twitter. In a way its like I grew up in awe of these actors and now they know who I am and what I am doing with
    this 90s comeback. So I was lurking around and saw you worked with Lady Gaga's Dj and former bandmate Lady Starlight how did this come about?
     Basicly a year ago she had a show coming up and I whipped up a show poster for her that she promoted
    on during its peak. Shes a very talented Dj if you like the 70s and glam rock you will
    def dig her. So who would you say is your favorite Artist of the 90s? Haddaway or Nsync but my palette for music expands beyond the 90s from Bruce Springsteen to
    Michael Jackson . Would you say you yourself is a body of work?
    Yes i am a human fashion statement. Anything else you need to say to your fans? Do not stop the fight keep being creative and never stop. Stay Classy & Get Epic