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To The Girl Who Doesn't Understand Equality

She was not a feminist and it was more than okay.

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Recently, there was a girl who posted a blog that was titled, "I Am Not A Feminist And That Is Okay." Critics were naturally outraged, but there were also many people who were overjoyed and enthralled at the prospect of someone female who refused to pick sides with regards to her fellow human kind. These days everyone has been forced to choose a team in that never ending battle of social conformity whether it was in regards to their age, race, religion, sex, sexuality, ethnicity, political party, lifestyle, or heritage. Happy St. Patrick's Day. The primary source of this never-ending conflict is a matter of ignorance which is why many people feel a responsibility to accept the idea that men wield some ancient power over women that is apparently never-ending.

Even someone as brilliant as Barrack Obama, the president of the United States, has been guilty of making a matter of good parenting a gigantic conspiracy that would have to apply to everyone, male and female.

Time Magazine

Have you ever seen a guy try to explain that he doesn't like makeup or high heels to a woman? Men are rarely at fault for the excessive physical standards that women insist on adhering to. Try arguing with a woman over her makeup. On the contrary, a recent study conducted by the Department of Behavioral Science revealed that over 80% of social media was dedicated to either controlling or finding fault with men and women. The other 20% was dedicated to random propaganda, these two numbers being a reflection of society today.

The Story of Feminism

Ignorance is the culprit of many misconceptions, one of which is a belief that women are all nurturing. The ability to have children does in no way, actually make all women nurturing. Females are individuals, they experience more hormonal influence and physical differences from men, but there are all different kinds of women. To imply otherwise is a classic mark of ignorance which is also known as sexism. Unfortunately many religions would use the bible to rationalize physical differences between men and women as an advocate for sexism, that men are suppose to be a head of household and women are all meant to be caregivers. Christianity is generally at fault for these teachings at a young age. The result of these teachings is a matter of "identity foreclosure." Instead of females making an actual choice to become a home maker they are not educated objectively and slighted of an opportunity to desire anything else. Equality is about the fact that everyone should have a choice.

If it were true, if women were all meant to be natural caregivers the fact would not exist that many women have unfortunately thrown their children in the garbage. Many women do not want anything to do with children or a relationship. Being a good parent is not a birth right, it's a choice. Nature is not absolute, which is precisely why the Department of Behavioral Science was founded and feminism can no longer promote equality. See, feminism is comparable to a season of bad parenting. We will compare feminism to a set of bad parents. These parents represent society and society had two children, one was a boy and one was a girl. One day while the children were playing the boy hogged all of his sisters toys and locked her in her room. The girl was upset, so she banged on the door for equal rights and her parents came to aid her appropriately.

The parents granted her equal rights, they disciplined the boy appropriately, but instead of just disciplining the boy these feminist parents continued to only find fault with the boy and only focus on finding fault with the boy. The parents claimed to give both of the children attention, but they specifically do not focus on correcting any issues with the girl at all. This is called chauvinism and favoritism. In addition, they developed an entire system of psychology that focused solely on how to correct the boy and they called it "girl-quality," a name that does not equally consider all parties. The parents wanted girl-quality to become an answer for everything, but on it's face the very title was a contradiction to everything equality is about. If girl quality was ever the same movement as the women's rights movement these parents could not be found guilty of promoting themes like "who run the world, girls" or "he for she," themes of inequality. The themes would have to sound something like "we run the world" and "we for us." As proof of chauvinism, the girl was allowed to specifically get away with anything she wanted such as: slapping males on national television (Jerry Springer, Cheaters, Etc.), grabbing people's butts who would receive sexual harassment complaints if it were the other way around, and committing acts of unreported domestic violence. While feminism did an excellent job of solving problems regarding women when the problems were very real, there came a time that feminism was no longer a good way to address all of the issues in the world today and no longer the best representation of equality. People refuse to let feminism end well. Equality is about equal consideration.

See the parents believe that tending to one sex can truly solve the need for everyone to be considered equally, even homosexuals. Get that, tending to one sex. While feminism did an excellent job of solving problems the psychology became poisonous as a solution for everything. In fact, the parents continued to exercise girl-quality for years until the faults became so recycled that blogs like the one below existed.

In addition, keep in mind that 40% of social media was later dedicated to controlling women and "anti-feminism," a defense mechanism that the boy created in order to defend himself from his parent's teachings. See, due to ignorance, people such as the parents believe that people must pick sides and that there always has to be sides. They believe that one must either be feminist to represent equality or they are not focusing on equality, but reality is au 'contraire. They believe that nature is absolute and that physical distinction must constantly define who people are and how they treat each other. These generalizations that people go so far to make are a part of a worldwide pandemic on ignorance and education is the key to getting rid of it all, Behavioral Science.

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