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    A Definitive Ranking Of The 11 Basic Colors

    Let's all face it. No one likes you, brown.

    11. Brown

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    "My favorite color is brown!" Said no one ever. But seriously, the color brown seems to be associated with more unpleasant things than pleasant things.

    10. Yellow

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    Yellow, along with orange, is the color of puke. Ugh. Plus it's so blinding to even look at.

    9. Orange

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    Orange is like the bipolar cousin of brown and yellow (I mean, pick a shade!) See both yellow and brown above. #50shadesoforange

    8. Pink

    Wikipedia / Via

    Ah, pink. The official color of the Society of Basic Bitches. 'Nuff said.

    7. Purple

    Wikipedia / Via

    This color haunts me to this day. Thanks, Barney.

    6. Grey

    Wikipedia / Via

    Grey and orange should be best friends. You're not quite white, but you're not quite black. Liiiiiiike pick a shade! Geez, the indecisiveness!

    5. White

    Wikipedia / Via

    Because nothingness. Kinda induces one to contemplate existential thoughts and nihilism.

    4. Black

    Wikipedia / Via

    Black is BADASS. However, we might need to stage an intervention in order to prevent it from mating with orange. We wouldn't want [grimace] brown to come around.

    3. Red

    Wikipedia / Via

    Red is WHAT'S UP. Red is HOT. Black and red make the perfect power couple. Idk. Red is just so mesmerizing and it's a perfect nickname!

    2. Green

    Wikipedia / Via

    Okay, now this has gotta be the most important color of all time. I'm just gonna give you a sec to think why. Anyways, almost all things associated with green is pleasant, if not *VITAL TO THE SURVIVAL OF ALL LIFE ON EARTH.*

    1. Blue

    Wikipedia / Via

    AAAAAAAANNNNDDDD... We arrive to the coolest color of all. Blue. [Sigh]. Just look at it. It's so relaxing to look at. Along with green, it is also an important color (I'll give you a sec). Doesn't it remind you of the sky and the sea and all that is great and good in life? It's like a visually appealing lullaby, a....ZZZZZZZZZ.

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