Why You Should Be Listening To JoJo Right Now

She’s still making music and she’s still singing her heart out. It’s not Too Little, Too Late to become a fan.

1. She’s looking better than ever

It’s always nice to look at a pretty face

2. She’s no longer the jail bait she once was

22. Totally legal.

3. She’s still got attitude

4. Her hair flipping skills are on point

It’s like it’s second nature for her. So Fierce.

5. She can get down and have some fun

And she’s not afraid to wear overalls.

6. But she knows when to be serious

7. She’s just so damn cute


8. Her music is top notch

Drake, who?

9. Here themes are so relateable

Admit it though…you knew they were faking.

10. She hasn’t let record label drama keep her from releasing music for her fans

Seriously, #FreeJoJo

11. She’s not about to start worrying about pleasing other people

Her music is her music and she knows what shes doing.

12. Her hooks are killer

That’s my Andre, A-A-A-Andre!

13. She’s not afraid to get a little risque

14. Or a lot of risque

She’s all grown up, for sure.

15. And she’s not afraid to sing her classics

16. Her mix tapes are better than most albums out now

17. Literally amazing.

18. Really. You should be listening to JoJo. Right now.


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