27 Reasons Why You Should Know Who Diana Vickers Is

Music has never been so adorably kooky.

1. This is Diana Vickers

2. She is a singer from The UK

3. She competed in the fifth series of The X Factor UK

Often referred to as the “Little Hippie” of the show considering her trademark is to perform barefoot.

4. She was the favorite to win right up until her elimination

Placing fourth overall.

5. Her debut album, Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree, debuted at number 1 on The UK charts

6. With the number 1 single “Once”

7. And the singles “The Boy Who Murdered Love”

8. And “My Wicked Heart”

9. The album was praised for its lyrics, of which Diana co-wrote 10 of the songs

Rawr! She’s a lyrical beast.

10. Ellie Goulding also co-wrote 4 of the songs on the album

Another lyrical beast.

11. In 2011 she parted ways with her record label but went ahead with work on her second album

12. She also acts, making her debut in an independent film alongside Clint Eastwood’s son, Scott

Diana worked with these abs and the man attached to them on the film entitled “The Perfect Wave”.

13. She stared in the music video for “Derail” by Dinosaur Pile-Up

1) What a plot twist.
2) Everyone loves a good “Psycho” reenactment.
3) We also now know Diana can pull off black hair.

14. And she co-wrote the song “Mouth 2 Mouth” by Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez

15. She also covers the song “My Favourite Things” for One Directions perfume ad for “Our Moment”

The boys themselves requested for Diana to perform the song.

16. In September 2013 she released her second album, Music To Make Boys Cry

Sporting some provocative yet classy cleavage.

17. Spawning the singles “Cinderella”

Perhaps one of the catchiest songs of all time

18. And “Music To Make Boys Cry”

“I wanna make music to make the boys cry” is pure genius. These lyrics are genius. And she’s adorable dancing all by herself.

19. Again, she was praised for her lyrics

All of the songs on the album included Diana and Miranda Cooper (Of Xenomania fame) as co-writers.

20. Her acoustic versions were also amazeballs

21. She also covered “LaLa” by Naughty Boy and she killed it

She is a musical dominatrix.

22. Her voice is so warm and raspy

It sounds like sunshine and cake and your nice warm bed in the morning.

23. She’s as adorable as adorable comes

24. She makes a lot of sense

25. She’s really just an angel in disguise

26. You really ought to know who Diana Vickers is by now

27. And love her as much as we do

We love you too, Diana.

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