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You Know You Work For A Small Digital Agency When...

Working for a small digital marketing agency has its own unique set of challenges...

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When you come across a website that needs serious help

Via tumblr

How you feel when a cool start-up asks for a quote

Via tumblr

How you feel when they ask if we can do spec work.

How you think clients should react when presenting analytics

How they really react

When a client asks how their video "can go viral"

Your reaction when a client asks about the ROI of social media, yet they just dropped $100k on a billboard

Your face when clients have great prizes to give away online

How you feel when the coffee runs out at the office

When a communications problem can be solved by creating an infographic

That feeling when a client tweet gets over 50 organic retweets

When a client says “what we really need is an entire website refresh”

When a traditional media agency you’re working with tries to give you tips on digital strategy

When a client is on their 27th round of revisions for a branding exercise that’s gone WAY over budget

That look your boss gives you when you mention you’ve spent all day putting together a GIF post for BuzzFeed

Jason is a Digital Strategist at 88 Creative, a Toronto digital marketing and design firm.

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