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Bacon, Egg and Thrones

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It's been far too long!

Omg how have you been? You've missed so much on the internet the past couple weeks. What were you doing? Did you go hiking or something where you didn't have access to wi-fi? Welcome back from hiking! I have so much to tell you.

Bacon Egg and Cheese Ruled The Web

I know what you're probably thinking, "of course they did, they always do." Well, actually most people's internets don't revolve around the almighty BEC, instead, it focuses on "real" news. Who needs that. I need more BEC talk.

It started out, as things do, with the NY Times. Don't Mess With My Bacon, Egg and Cheese proclaimed Pete Wells. It's a great write up on the great sandwich and includes some serious larger-thinking that is probably required in a giant BEC article from the NY Times:

The great virtue of the bacon, egg and cheese on a roll, or its variations, is in what it doesn't do. It doesn't divide New Yorkers by class, income or neighborhood. It doesn't seek publicity. It doesn't convey status or bragging rights. It just conveys nutrition and, if you need it, settles your nerves. It is a secret handshake that New Yorkers exchange, not with one another, but with the city.
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...And the responses flowed in! Gawker wrote up a very opinionated response, Jezebel debated fancy vs. regs BECs (for the record, I'm regs 100%), and one real-life hero tried to save the day with probably the best Kickstarter campaign of all time: Saving The NYC Egg Sandwich.

Just when you thought they had it all figured out, the NY Times published A Field Guide to the American Sandwich which included the Bacon Egg and Cheese as the second sandwich featured... snubbed. The description is all good except for the last three words "...but you'll also find it on a bagel, a biscuit, an English muffin or plain sliced bread. EW. Don't do that. Don't ever do that. How dare you.

Matt Buchanan set the record straight with The Correct Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich. Thank you for your services, Matt and may we all be #blessed with BEC DADBOD.

Next topic for the NY Times to explore: The Rock's diet.

I'm still hungry!

All this BEC talk got me hungry. One of the best food scenes in NYC is in its Meatpacking District. You've got Spice Market, Buddakan, Barbuto, Chelsea Market and tons of other good stuff. It also bears a very similar resemblance to Copenhagen's Meatpacking District, Kødbyen. They plan on making it just-as-cooooool as NYC's and it's led by the amazing Mikkeller craft brewer. Since we're talking about Copenhagen and food, we might as well mention that René Redzepi did an AMA on reddit. For those who have better things to do than spend hours reading about restaurants I'll never be able to go to, he's the chef/founder of noma, the best restaurant in the world in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014... what happened in 2013 guys?

Close by in Askim, Norway, a couple of pioneers launched a donut into space. This is the future! The donut ultimately fell back to Earth and couldn't feed the aliens that definitely exist, says NASA Chief Scientist. However, they probably don't live around the largest known structure in the universe. Either way, let's put more things on GoPro's and launch them into space. Why not?

Game of Thrones is Back!

Game of Thrones / Via

And the internet made every possible post about it! The Washington Post created an amazing illustrated guide to all 456 deaths in "Game of Thrones". RIP Ned. Some mad-genius made Goodnight Westeros, the bedtime story you should never read to your kids. This has been around for a bit, but another mad-genius made the VHS Intro to Game of Thrones. And most importantly, How Hodor Are You?

But Thrones is back.

And that means that it's Thrones recap season. Every publisher in the world writes a Thrones recap. This is known. But what if you weren't able to catch the newest episode Sunday night? You were stuck on a train. Your HBO Go was down. Someone changed their password. Nightmares! Well, Google is trying to save us from spoilers on social media. Thanks Google!

The Land Before Time / Via

While dragons might not be real, (might not) Brontosaurus's are. They Are. But apparently for the last 112 years, the Brontosaurus wasn't an official distinct dinosaur... kinda like Pluto was named not-a-planet. It was so close to the Apatosaurus that it wasn't considered it's own species. WELL OBVIOUSLY people got pissed. I mean I'm mad right now. But don't worry! It is officially a distinct dinosaur again! Praise Bronto! Littlefoot lives! LITTLEFOOT FOREVER!

Some Long Reads Well Worth The Long Read:

P vs. V

P vs. V

D vs. C

D vs. C

Reply All introduced to and reminded us that Jennicam happened and changed the internet forever.

Grantland wrote up a huge article on new Daily Show host, Trevor Noah and the controversy around his announcement.

Maptia wrote posted a beautiful post about my best friends who I've never met.

BuzzFeed told the world where these crazy news stories actually come from: The King of Bullshit News

Wired told the Untold Story of Silk Road. It's only Part 1 but this is an amazing, amazing article.

And finally, Paul Ford wrote about the media and words.

"I" News

- I'm seeing this band tonight and hoping to hear one of my favorite songs ever made.

- But before that, I'm eating at this restaurant

- I found my new Presidential candidate

- I entered an amazing online experience. You should try it too.

That's all the links. Isn't that enough?

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