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Blue Ivy Carter Is Beyonce's Feminism Personified

It's been quite an experience watching Beyonce reclaim her womanhood and redefine what feminism means to her over the past couple of months. Although one could write a trillion of thesis papers on her feminist politics, gratefully they are all embodied in the spawn of her "good good"... MISS BIC!

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First and foremost the child's name is BLUE....BLUE!

Although you personally might not know anyone named Blue, surprisingly enough Beyonce is not the first to name her child after the color. There are quite a few people in this world, men and women, who are called by the same name. Her name is gender fluid.

Ironically, blue is also a color associated with baby boys. By naming her child Blue, Beyonce is changing the way we as people associate things by gender.


Check out those baby Timbs! The young Creole Princess has been seen wearing everything from jeans and sneakers to the cutest dresses only Beyonce can buy. And some days Blue is just not having it with the world at all and she stays rooted right in her pjs...and all of that is okay! Beyonce truly let's her daughter just be a child. No need to conform to society yet!

And it wouldn't be right if I didn't talk about her hair

But instead of shaming the child and policing the body of a two year old, I'm here to celebrate her hair. Beyonce is probably not clueless to the fact that people talk about Blue's hair often and her appearance, but she could care less (as she should.) As a young woman of color Blue is learning at an early age to truly love herself just as she is. Many of things Beyonce had to learn as an adult, Blue is learning to embrace now, and that should be applauded.

Do we have a future Steve Jobs on our hands???

Although the Carter's probably give Blue spare iPhones to use as toys you never know what that could lead to. In a world where the majority of app creators and owner's of start up companies are white's a nice idea to think a young black girl could create something that changes the world.

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Oh you know blue at The Grammy Rehearsal...nothing major

Although, Blue comes from a privileged family and she's a part of a class most of us couldn't even imagine, she embodies all of the freedoms her parents were not born with. She truly can "Wake up FLAWLESS"..."Post up FLAWLESS." She is care free black girl in teen tiny form. It is refreshing to see a young woman of color just be. I also assume it is rewarding for Beyonce, a woman who has spent her entire life trying be perfect, let her daughter just live.

And if modern day feminism isn't young black girls running around with leather jackets, rain boots, and afros the I'm not sure what is.

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