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11 Ways You Found Out About Sex Before Having "The Talk"

Having the "talk" with your parents was probably one of the most awkward experiences of your life. But let's face it: Due to hypersexual images in the media and a lack of parental supervision there were plenty of times you learned a little bit about sex without parental guidance.

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1. All of the times you fell asleep watching a movie on HBO only to wake up in the middle of the night to find an episode of Real Sex.

2. Similar to when you fell asleep watching a quality BET program only to wake up to BET:Uncut.

3. Or the many times you "accidentally" picked up a Cosmo instead of a Highlights Magazine in a waiting room.

4. Let's not forget when your parents would tell you to close your eyes during a sex scene in a movie and you kind of didn't.

5. And once you found out about certain sex scenes you used every opportunity home alone to fast forward to that part.

I'm talking 1999...Titanic... back of the car... fogged up mirrors.
Paramount Pictures

I'm talking 1999...Titanic... back of the car... fogged up mirrors.

6. When a game of Truth or Dare would turn into just TRUTH because you had sooooo many questions.

NBC / Via

Never did you think you would hear so many stories about pineapple juice.

7. And remember when you used to "stumble" into AOL chat rooms?

Fox / Via

8. And then it came time to take sex ed and all of a sudden you took your studies seriously.

9. You spent toooo much time studying those diagrams...and you were deeply surprised by even your own anatomy.

Nickelodeon / Via

I have what? Where?

10. And then your parents bought you a personal computer and the world basically exploded. / Via

Where were the Google Chrome incognito tabs in 2004? (Did I just reveal incognito tabs to some people who are a little behind?)

11. And by the time your parents felt brave enough to have "the talk" with you... it was time to have another type of "talk."

SNL Studios

BTW: Here's a link to all your safe sex questions and concerns... for those who never really had the talk!

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