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    25 Useful Travel-Sized Products You'll Probably Be So Glad You Packed

    Weekend getaway? Covered. Three-week vacation? Ready for anything.

    1. This mini razor with a mini carrying case that'll put a big smile on your face when you realize how convenient a close, clean shave can be while you're away.

    2. A bar of shave gel — it glides on as easily as shaving cream but without the hassle of taking up extra space. Just wet it under a faucet and move it across your skin before using your razor.

    3. This slim luggage scale so you'll never be caught with overweight luggage from all those souvenirs again. It's compact enough to fit in a bag or backpack for easy carrying.

    4. A mini hair straightener for smooth, pin-straight locks on the go. It's especially useful if you don't have a ton of space in your luggage, and don't want to bring your precious $100 hair straightener across the world.

    5. This tiny, foldable hairdryer that collapses to half its size to give you extra bag space AND a cute 'do while you're exploring the world.

    6. Some travel containers that — *deep breath* — are super colorful and adorable, durable and reusable, TSA-approved, and hold the perfect amount of product for a trip.

    7. A collapsible water bottle because it shrinks to barely the size of a mug to fit snugly in your backpack until you get through TSA. Plus, it's so darn cute that it'll motivate you to stay hydrated during your trip.

    8. A miniature can of Batiste dry shampoo that delivers gargantuan results. It absorbs oil and adds volume to give day-four hair that ~freshly 'pooed~ look whether you're trudging through the Antarctic cold or braving the Costa Rican heat.

    9. Some palm-sized bottles of wrinkle releasing spray because you'll always want a clean-smelling, smooth shirt no matter where your plane ticket takes you.

    10. An ultra slim first aid kit — you actually won't mind carrying it around while you're a tourist for those "just in case" moments. If you're headed on a solo trip, you might've just found a new travel buddy.

    11. This bottle of Tylenol that's literally the size of your finger and will literally rescue your entire trip from the hell that is headaches and migraines.

    12. A set of refillable perfume atomizers so you can take your favorite fragrance with you no matter how many miles away from home you are. It'll fit perfectly into your one-quart bag.

    13. Toothpaste tabs — you can just chew them and then brush and not have to worry about re-packing anything for your return flight home.

    14. A toothbrush that folds right into its very own carrying case so you can 1) save some space, and 2) protect the bristles from acquiring any germs.

    15. Some conveniently-sized anti-chaffing balm so you can fight angry blisters and bumps whether you're climbing the Cliffs of Moher or walking the Great Wall of China.

    16. A mini hairbrush (with its own cute, 'lil protective case!!!) that was basically made to fill that last tiny crevice in your carry-on.

    17. This adapter cube because it'll take the stress out of converting voltages so you can contently charge your phone and use appliances in your hotel room in Greece without worry about setting anything on fire — hey, I can't be the only one whose paranoid mind stresses about these things!!!

    18. A pack of laundry soap sheets to make washing your clothes while you travel sooooo much easier than carrying around a bottle of liquid detergent.

    19. Flexible foam rollers that fit conveniently in your bag and give you gorgeous, heat-free curls while you sleep. They're the perfect alternative if you want a volumized 'do without the risk of ruining your non-dual voltage curling iron in another country.

    20. A travel-sized facial moisturizer because you shouldn't have to forego healthy, hydrated skin when you're on vacation. Plus, you won't have to worry about dry, flaky skin showing up in the photos you're gonna post on Insta.

    21. These itty bitty makeup trays that form one convenient stack of your makeup essentials so you can have cheeks as rosy as the gardens in France *without* carrying your entire makeup collection from home.

    22. Or a compact travel makeup bag for anyone who sometimes has trouble sticking to the REAL necessities (guilty as charged).

    23. Some makeup-removing cloths because they effectively remove ALL of your makeup with just water, and all you have to do is wash and re-use them.

    24. This umbrella that's barely the size of a tissue box for those surprise rainy days. For some reason, we seem to forget that weather still exists when we're traveling and having the time of our lives??

    25. And, a bar of shampoo you'll have no problem packing because the TSA liquid rule does not apply. 🙌🏽

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