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    31 Useful Things Adventurers May Want On Their Next Trip

    Flying? Cruising? Road tripping? Here's a little somethin' for ya.

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    1. A scratch-off map you can hang in your room to remind you of all the places you've been and inspire all the places you'll go.

    2. This journal for recording all your thoughts and experiences from the trips you go on. Even years later when you look back on the entries, all the memories will come flooding back.

    3. An RFID-blocking travel wallet so you don't have to fumble around different backpack pockets for your passport or ID card when you're in line at the security check.

    4. This packing list notepad because it'll take the stress out of remembering what to pack — down to the last band-aid — and even help you consider items you might never have thought of before.

    5. A book that'll give you some sightseeing ideas when you're planning a trip to a new city and have no idea where to start.

    6. This fanny pack because it's perfect for when you just have a few small valuables you want to tour the city with but don't want to carry them all in your giant duffel bag.

    7. Or! A Fjallraven Kanken backpack if you're like me and love to be extra prepared so you need to carry around water bottles, extra shoes, and half a first aid kit — hey, it's all fun and games till you find yourself hiking around in painful shoes and you need to change 'em!

    8. This working compass pendant that could come in handy for establishing your cardinal directions while you're on a camping or hiking trip.

    9. An insulated, leakproof travel mug for when you don't have time to sit down and drink your coffee and need to leave your Airbnb ASAP to get an early start on your road trip.

    10. Or a collapsible silicone coffee cup because traveling is expensive enough and you can save so much money on coffee or tea by brewing your own and taking it on your adventures.

    11. And these silicone straws because you can take them pretty much anywhere so you can enjoy a cold drink even if the restaurant you're at has a no plastic straw policy.

    12. An adjustable smartphone car clip that'll mount your phone at a comfortable, convenient height when you need to use the GPS for your road trip.

    13. And a tiny portable charger so you can always make sure your phone battery has a safe percentage because you never know when you may need to make a call in a hurry.

    14. These Pottymints for when you have no choice but to use the airplane bathroom but you find yourself pinching your nose as you enter.

    15. An anti-nausea band you won't leave home without if you get seasick easily but still refused to stay home while your other friends go on a Caribbean cruise.

    16. These biodegradable body wipes that'll give you a quick refresh if you're traveling around a city, out backpacking, or TBH anywhere where showers aren't easily accessible.

    17. A roll-up down jacket that packs down to the size of a burrito(!!!) for when you've booked tickets somewhere with much colder weather and you want to be warm without having to carry around a bulky coat.

    18. This wanderlust-inducing beanie that's warm enough to become your new go-to travel hat when you're exploring colder cities.

    19. Or this cute baseball cap to deflect the sun's harsh rays so you can enjoy your beach vacation that much more.

    20. A pack of laundry soap sheets that'll really come in handy when you realize you've run out of clean clothes because you decided to extend your trip for a week.

    21. A 27-piece first aid kit because you never know when you'll need a band-aid or an antiseptic wipe in a pinch. And it'll fit pretty much anywhere you need it: your carry-on, a purse, that fanny-pack, or even in your pocket.

    22. A compact umbrella you can actually fit in your bag because torrential downpours shouldn't come in between you and your city tour.

    23. A microfiber towel that's fast-drying and super compact so you can take it to the beach, pool, and campsite.

    24. This essential oil stick to help stop a headache from escalating because no one wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a trip just to be bed-ridden in a hotel room because of a lousy headache.

    25. A tube of anti-chafe balm because it'll make it possible to trek around the city without the painful thigh rub that could inevitably slow your sightseeing down.

    26. This rolling carry-on bag that you can store under your airplane seat or use for short weekend trips when you don't feel like carrying the weight of your clothes and shoes on your shoulders.

    27. A set of six packing cubes to make packing two weeks' worth of clothes for a four-day trip just a little easier.

    28. This digital luggage scale so you can weigh your luggage before you get to the baggage check line and avoid paying any overweight fees. Plus, it's compact enough to stow away in your carry-on and bring to your destination — for strategic souvenir packing, of course.

    29. A stainless steel luggage tag that'll give flimsy luggage tags a run for their money and really stand up to the stress of banging around a luggage carousel.

    30. This AirFly wireless transmitter so you can connect your wireless earbuds to the headphone jack for your ~free~ in-flight entertainment.

    31. And a memory foam foot hammock because it can actually help alleviate pain and swelling that you may experience during long-haul flights and make an economy class seat feel a little extra comfy.

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