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    22 Things To Help Bring A Little Bit Of Positivity Into Your Life

    Your very own personal ray of sunshine. ☀️

    1. This sticker with a pretty ~bright~ message you'll be able to see every time you open your laptop or planner.

    2. A Himalayan salt lamp that'll wrap your room in a comforting light that'll pretty much feel like a nice, warm hug.

    3. This doggie photo album to help lift your spirits while you put together a book full of the absolute cutest pics of your pup.

    4. A comfy lumbar pillow because it's just the cherry on top of all the reasons why your bed (or favorite couch) makes you smile.

    5. This wellness workbook that'll help you reflect, explore, and set goals to make you overall happier and encourage growth.

    6. A set of ~beautiful~ dishes bound to give you yet another reason to smile while you eat your favorite home-cooked meal.

    7. This adorable book light — I dare you not to smile at it immediately, once you get all cozy under the covers ready to read at night.

    8. A pair of fuzzy socks so you can feel bright and warm from your toes to your nose.

    9. This Little Book of Affirmations, which is full of lines and ~breathtaking~ illustrations to help you clear your head and get a more peaceful, positive mindset going.

    10. A weekly journal designed to help you feel happier and more mindful one gratitude list at a time.

    11. This framed graphic that'll practically emit good vibes throughout your whole living room.

    12. A set of motivational cards you'll love keeping around for moments when you need a sweet little reminder to keep your chin up.

    13. This floral mug because when you're looking for a little peace, simply sipping your favorite beverage out of a mug you love can fill you with those warm, fuzzy feelings.

    14. A sweet tee to help a smile *sprout* across your face once you throw it on.

    15. These organic lollipops that'll actually fill you with the joys of growing something beautiful (and the satisfaction of a sweet treat, of course). After you suck on the pops, you can plant the stick and grow herbs and flowers.

    16. A weighted, glow-in-the-dark blanket to melt those bad vibes away and put you in a peaceful state of mind that's out of this world.

    17. This body wash (made from all-natural ingredients) to upgrade your shower routine to leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and a little more soothed.

    18. A set of cute, lil' avocado magnets you'll be happy to look at every time you feel like the day is just the pits.

    19. This enamel pin to banish any bad vibes and haters and remind you to feel good about your goals.

    20. A positive affirmations candle that'll help keep those upbeat vibes ~glowing~ all afternoon.

    21. This handy to-do list bound to put you in a good mood for productivity — even if you just like adding easy things to your to-dos for the sake of checking them off.

    22. And a candle to *ignite* an upbeat mood. It has a burn time of about 50 hours and will fill your favorite corner with sweet, down-to-earth smells.

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