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    23 Things For Anyone Who Basically Can't Say No To Chocolate

    Chocolate fountain = added to cart.

    1. A chocolate fountain that'll have you creating fondue platters out of literally pretty much everything in your kitchen. Everything tastes better with chocolate, after all.

    2. Or these individual microwaveable fondue cups so you can just enjoy a platter of decadently dipped fruit and not have to fuss over cleanup.

    3. This pack of Cadbury milk chocolate spread — if you've ever wished you could eat those chocolates by the spoonful, consider these the answer to all of your chocolate prayers.

    4. A spoon mold you can use to create edible chocolate spoons to be eaten in just *so many* ways. Enjoy a chocolate spoon with your chocolate pudding, chocolate mousse, chocolate chocolate, and more!

    5. This chocolate ice cream starter mix (and an ice cream maker to go with it) you'll want to buy over and over because you may never go back to store-bought chocolate ice cream ever again.

    6. A box chock-full of Kinder Bueno and Nutella goodies so you'll always have a 'lil something sweet to satisfy your KB craving.

    7. This Compartes donuts and coffee milk chocolate bound to leave you stuffing the entire bar down your gullet because you've never tasted anything like this unique combo.

    8. A molten lava cake mix so you can create your very own elegant, chocolatey dessert at home. The box makes six lava cakes, so the hardest part will be restraining yourself from devouring them all in one go.

    9. This box of chocolate-covered bacon strips because, if anything, the salt from the bacon will compliment the flavor of the chocolate and make it taste richer.

    10. This canister of Godiva hot cocoa mix to warm you from the inside out with its milk chocolatey goodness. Your tastebuds and your heart will be smiling for hours on end.

    11. A chocolate video game controller that might turn into a game of "how long can I make this chocolate last before I eat it all?"

    12. This box of assorted Benevolent Brownies in case it's been a minute since you've actually sat down and indulged in a brownie square or two.

    13. A box of a dozen Milk Bar chocolate birthday truffles you certainly don't need a celebration as an excuse to order — treating yourself is the best reason you could ask for.

    14. This box of chocolate cloud cookie mix that'll have you saying, "move over chocolate chip. There's a new cookie favorite in town."

    15. A set of hot chocolate sticks because they might become the new chocolatey highlight of your evenings.

    16. This box of chocolate chip pancake and waffle mix so you can low-key enjoy dessert for breakfast.

    17. A s'mores dip kit because who says you need a campfire in order to enjoy the tantalizingly tasty combo of marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers? Someone who doesn't want you to have nice things, that's who.

    18. These chocolate peanut butter truffles because nothing beats some PB&C. In other words, prepare to order these over and over again.

    19. A set of gluten-free brownie mixes to deliver a dose of delicious, chocolatey-goodness in every single bite.

    20. Or this pack of dark chocolate drizzled kettle corn if you just need the tiniest taste of chocolate to turn your frown upside down.

    21. A pack of Harry Potter chocolate frogs because the ~real~ magic is in how quickly you'll make these ~disappear~.

    22. This Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookbook that pretty much covers almost everything you could possibly want to use chocolate for — from candy making to chocolate substitutions, to creating cocktails with chocolate! And, of course, it also covers some yummy chocolatey cake, pie, and bread recipes.

    23. And a box of 48 Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates — you might have to hide 'em from your family members or next thing you know, half the box will be gone in a day!

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