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We Wanna See How You Decorated Your Graduation Cap

Now's your chance to show off those Pinterest skills!

Graduation season is upon us, which means that we have approximately one week before our Instagrams are overrun by pics of graduation caps dressed to the nines.

So because we know you scoured every craft store for the perfect shade of blue glitter, and burned the shit out of your fingers hot-gluing fake flowers, we want to see how you decorated your graduation cap.

Maybe you went with an iconic line from your favorite movie as a final goodbye to your graduating class.

Or maybe you marched down the aisle donning something to remind yourself how hard you worked for this day.

Or perhaps you wanted to shout out the TV show that got you through the semester AND give a nod to your major.

Whether you graduated five years ago or you're getting that diploma in a few weeks, show us the creative way you decorated your graduation cap. Upload your photos via the Dropbox below. You might be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video.