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Gen Z'ers, Tell Us Your Biggest Questions About Retirement So Millennials Can Answer Them

People always say you should save for retirement but, like...how do you even do that?

Saving for retirement is one of those things you're told to do, but it can feel overwhelming when you literally don't know where to start or how it all works.

And since millennials were *so* resourceful when it came to answering awkward money questions from Gen Z'ers, we thought we'd try rounding up some more help. So, Gen Z'ers, share the questions you have about retirement.

Maybe you still don't understand what this "401(k) match" is that people keep talking about.

Or perhaps you're wondering how much money is "enough" money to retire.

Or, maybe you just wanna know what accounts you should open in order to start saving for retirement.

Orrr, perhaps you're wondering if it'll ever even be possible to retire.

If you're a Gen Z'er, share a question you have about saving for retirement. And if you're a millennial who can help, feel free to go through the comments and answer some! You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.