The 10 Most-Googled Questions About 401(k) Plans, Answered By Financial Experts

    "What you contribute is great, but over time, what you EARN on that money is more powerful."

    Since COVID forced us all to take a long, hard look at the ways we can build a more secure future, the topic of retirement has garnered a little extra buzz. Maybe you're in your twenties realizing that your friends were wrong, and it really is never too early to save for retirement. Or perhaps you're edging closer to your golden years and need a few things cleared up.

    Either way, we wanna help you get the answers you're looking for! We gathered the 10 most-Googled questions about 401(k) accounts — and asked two financial experts to answer them for you.

    Laila Pence, President of Pence Wealth Management, and Ross Gerber, CEO of Gerber Kawasaki, gave us a *wealth* of info. Here's what they had to say:


    "What is a 401(k)?"


    "How does a 401(k) work?"


    "When can you withdraw from a 401(k)?"


    "How do you withdraw from a 401(k)?"


    "What are the 401(k) contribution limits?"


    "Is a 401(k) an IRA?"


    "Where can I find a 401(k) calculator?"


    "What is a 401(k) loan?"


    "What's the difference between a 401(k) and a pension?"


    "What are the 401(k) plans like at the biggest companies (Walmart, etc.)?"

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