People Shared Hidden Features For Products They Use Everyday, And The Hacks Are Life-Changing

    I was today years old when I found out that you could clean the inside of a toaster from the bottom.

    This week, Reddit user Missandei22 asked fellow members: "What common product has a feature you're not sure everyone is aware of?" And, honestly, who doesn't love a good product hack? Here's what the ~crafty~ users of Reddit had up their sleeves:

    1. "For tuxedo pants, if you look on the inside on the top corner of the front pockets, there are holes that are designed so you can grab your shirt and pull it down instead of cramming your hands down the front of your pants."


    2. "There is a built-in scanner feature within the notes app of the iPhone."

    3. "Shaking your iPhone will undo typing. It also works if you accidentally deleted a portion of text. Just shake your phone, and the text will come back."


    4. "The calculator app on Samsung Android phones has a unit converter for all kinds of stuff. Just tap on the ruler to access it."

    5. "Baby onesies have split sleeves so when they have a nasty, blowout diaper, you can pull the onesie down over their shoulders instead of pulling a shit-filled or soaking wet onesie up over their heads. This was a game-changer for me."


    6. "The boxes that aluminum foil wrap is packaged in usually have two perforated holes on either end that you can push inward. This lets you hold the roll of foil more securely in place when you're reeling it out to tear it."

    7. "Some kitchen shears have a tiny hole through the blades. The hole is for stripping certain herb leaves off of their stems. Insert the stem, and pull it through the hole. The leaves pop off like magic. You can try it with rosemary or thyme."


    8. "Toasters have a slide at the bottom that lets you open them up to clean them and empty out bread crumbs."

    9. "Almost every vegetable peeler has a side used to pick out those brown spots in potatoes."


    10. "Salt and pepper shakers have ridges on the bottom. So when the pepper won’t come out, put the bottom of the salt shaker against the bottom of the pepper shaker, and move it around so the ridges 'click.' The pepper basically pours out."


    11. "Most ceiling fans have a switch on them that allow you to either pull or push air, depending on whether it’s summer or winter."


    12. "This may be common knowledge but I didn't know it for an embarrassing amount of time: There is an arrow on nearly every vehicle's fuel gauge that tells you which side of the car the gas tank is located."

    13. "Some lipsticks have a compartment at the bottom that has more product in it."


    14. "I've used just about every common brand of vacuum cleaners on the market, and on each and every one, the hook you wrap the cord around swivels downward so you can loosen the whole cord in one movement."

    15. "I guess not many people know this, but if you rapidly press the power button on your iPhone, it will sound an alarm from your phone. And, if you don't press the cancel button within a few seconds, the feature automatically contacts emergency services."


    Life-changing. Honestly, just, WOW.

    Some of these responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.