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21 Things Bartenders Would Reaaaaaally Like You To Stop Doing

"Shots don't pay the bills."

We recently asked the bartenders of the BuzzFeed Community to share some of their customer pet peeves. Here's what they wish patrons would stop doing:

1. Calling them over before you're ready to order.

"I hate when a customer rudely gets my attention and then turns around to his friends to ask what they want. Know what you want before you call us over."


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2. Assuming they're incompetent because they look young.

"The most annoying thing is when people ask if I know how to make a certain drink or if I know facts about wine. Just because I’m a little younger doesn’t mean I’m not knowledgeable about bartending."


3. Complaining about the price of more complex drinks.

"I hate when a customer orders a complicated handcrafted cocktail and then complains about the price or the time it takes to make it. If a drink takes more than three steps and involves a showy, fun-to-watch technique, it won't be fast or cheap."


4. Asking "what drinks do you have here?"

"I hate when a customer comes up to the bar and says, 'So, what do you guys have here?' Um, really? OK, let me list the thousands of drinks that I could make you with the beer, wine, and liquor that we have here."



"I’m actually an ex-bartender, but I absolutely hated it when these random, middle-aged men called me pet names and catcalled me for attention. It’s absolutely disgusting. I actually made a point not to serve them if they did that."


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6. Telling the manager to give the bartender a raise instead of just tipping.

"It's annoying when people tell our managers, 'This bartender is great. Give her a raise!' That basically just translates to, 'I’m too cheap to give a good tip, even though it was great service.' Raises don’t exist in this world. If you truly loved the service, please tip just a dollar or two. It really adds up."


7. Chatting up the bartender while they're swamped.

"PLEASE do not tell me long stories, especially if you know I'm the only bartender! I have so many other things to do."


8. Getting mad because they don't have the ingredients for the drink you want.

"Don't get mad if we don't have ingredients for certain drinks. If you ask for a blended margarita and you don't see a blender, that should be a sign."


9. Changing your order at the very last minute.

"I’ve had people change their minds about the drink they want...when I’m literally seconds away from finishing what they had originally ordered. It's a waste of time and ingredients, and it WON’T get you two drinks for the price of one."


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10. Complaining about not getting enough alcohol in your drink.

"It's annoying when a customer complains about a short pour. Sometimes the ice can make a drink look short, but that’s all I can give you unless you want to buy another shot!"


11. Then trying to sneakily get more alcohol in your drink.

"It's annoying when a customer asks me to pour more liquor into their drink because they can’t taste it, but don’t want to pay for an extra shot. We have to measure our shots and are watched by cameras to make sure we don’t over serve or use too much liquor in a drink."


12. Asking for less ice as an attempt to get more alcohol.

"I hate when customers ask for less ice in their drink or no ice at all. You’re not getting more booze if there’s less ice. You’re just going to get a warm drink in a half-full glass."


13. YELLING their name for EVERY. LITTLE. THING.

"It's annoying when non-regulars ask for your name and then proceed to shout it across the bar for every little thing, thinking they’ll get special attention. You’re not special now that you know my name. You're creepy, obnoxious, and getting the same service as everyone else."


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14. Reaching over the bar and taking things without asking.

"Do not put your hand in the fruit tray. If you'd like an extra lime or some olives, please just ask."


15. Not tipping but expecting special treatment.

"It's annoying when customers don't tip, or just tip the quarter I handed back as their change. Then, they act as if I should pay attention to their needs as much as I pay attention to the person who tips a buck a drink."


16. Ordering all your drinks sep-ar-ate-ly.

"Order all your drinks at once!! This includes waters. I can bang out five Long Islands in 15 seconds, but if you order them one at a time, it’s going to take up to five minutes, and I’m going to hate you."


17. Rudely asking to see the bartender's ID.

"I hate when I ask people for their ID and they turn around and say, 'Let me see your ID. You don’t look old enough to be serving alcohol.' Or when they say, 'I’m old enough to be your mom/grandma.'"


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18. Insisting that your son/daughter is 21 when they don't have an ID on them.

"I work at a pub that serves food. My pet peeve is when a family comes in and the son or daughter orders a beer but doesn't have ID. Of course, the mom says, 'I'm their mother. They're 21.' It doesn't matter if you're the second coming of Christ. If they don't have an ID, they aren't drinking."


19. Claiming you "know" the owner.

"My son is a bartender. His pet peeve is when a customer can't get what they want right away and they say, 'I know the owner!' Good for you. I know the owner, too."


20. Waving your money for attention when the bartender is clearly very busy.

"I hate when people wave their money around wildly and shout to get my attention when I'm clearly swamped. Yes, I see you...and 30 other people. I'm trying my best."


21. Finally, buying your bartender shots instead of just freakin' tipping them.

"The worst is when customers buy you a shot or two while you're working and don't tip because they bought you shots. Shots don't pay the bills. BTW, for all the dudes at my bar who think they have bought me shots, I'm always shooting water and pretending it's vodka! Gotta stay sharp at work."


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