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    15 Dating Fails From This Year That’ll Have You Gasping

    "So you're not gonna reply to me for almost a year, but send me a song lmao aight."

    1. This girl who deserves an A for effort:

    @Oloni disappointed but not surprised

    2. This guy who learned the dangers of copying and pasting:

    @August_At_Play / Via

    3. This person who might be looking for a new boyfriend:

    my boyfriend needs to FUCK OFF

    @mescurdi / Via Twitter: @mescurdi
    @mescurdi / Via Twitter: @mescurdi

    4. This dude who made the remix nobody asked for:

    5. This guy who just betrayed his own joke:

    @xcupcakekitten / Via

    6. This guy who had to think fast:

    Dating is an extreme sport guys 😭😭🙃

    7. This person who made an honest mistake:


    8. This person who wasted no time at all:

    9. This girl who *probably* doesn't watch The Office:

    @kyleestess / Via

    10. This person who honestly walked right into this one:

    @RomanKasel / Via

    11. This person who paid dearly for a tiny mistake:

    I accidentally super liked my ex’s best friend last night so I paid for Tinder Plus to rewind and swipe left

    12. This person who proved why, sometimes, ignorance is bliss:

    if you’re day is going bad just know that my best friend accidentally charged $52 to his brother’s bank account to see who swiped right on his tinder.

    13. This person who wasn't even friend-zoned:

    Created a profile on Tinder when I was in Bangalore and my bio had Kolkata ↔️ Bangalore on it. Got a match who said she right swiped because she wanted to get a parcel delivered from Bangalore to Kolkata. I've been DTDC-zoned.

    14. This person who probably should've been more specific:

    Tinder Match: You cool with being FWB? Me: What?? Tinder Match: Friends with benefits… Me: Oh, I don’t think I can add you to my insurance

    15. Finally, this person who totally deserved better:

    Cute guy in front of me queuing for coffee was on grindr so I messaged hi and watched as he read it and blocked me happy saturday

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