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32 Useful Travel Gifts Under $20

Whether they're traveling overseas or just over to the in-laws, these'll help them feel totally prepared.

What a year! The holidays are finally here! And while we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time, shipping times are especially tricky this year, so we suggest shopping as early as you can.

Stock and shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. So order earlier than you think you need to and be sure to double-check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for when you need it.

1. A handy travel wallet complete with a RFID-blocking shield to stash and organize all their many important docs in one safe place. Also particularly great for having their ID readily available, so they're not *that* person in line at security.

reviewer image of the orange wallet

2. Some iddy biddy laundry soap sheets they'll need if they suddenly find themselves in a sitch where they've run out of clean undies, or spilled something on the *only* white tee they packed. All they have to do is simply add some water for some on-the-go handwashing.

collection of shaving sheets, body wash sheets, and shampoo sheets

3. And some hand soap sheets in a cutesy container they can carry in their handbag for when they find themselves in a public restroom with *ugh* the soap dispenser completely out of foam.

4. An airplane phone mount for allowing them to watch all their saved Netflix shows with comfort and ease mid-flight. And some reviewers are noting how it can be used in regular life, too — no plane ticket required.

reviewer's phone mounted on the back of an airplane seat

5. A helpful "Pack this!" checklist that'll ensure they've got allllll the things they need for their trip — and some they may not have even thought of. The real nightmare before Christmas?Them realizing they forgot to pack their phone charger mid bus ride.

the packing checklist

6. A nifty travel pouch to secure their most prized possessions and keep them ~abreast~ (sorry, had to). This thing attaches to bras so their cash, credit cards, and copy of their passports are less vulnerable to pickpockets.

7. Or, if they need something more accessible, a belt that looks like a regular ol' accessory to keep jeans up and has a secret compartment that will fool any purse-snatcher. Good lookin' out!

person holding a $100 note in the concealed zipper belt

8. An electronics pouch created to organize their most-used devices and the forest of tangled wires. Keeping everything in its place will not only ease the accessibility of their belongings, but also tame their disposition when they don't have to spend minutes (read: hours) unraveling cords.

the pack

9. Vacuum seal bags for a serious stocking stuffer any World Class Traveler would be jumping for joy over. These babies will save them a buttload of space in their suitcase so thick, bulky layers can be squished into a pancake...which means... the next time they go overseas, they'll have more space to bring you back gifts. Win-win!

10. A heat-resistant silicone mat they'll think is genius when they don't have the time to wait for their hot hair tools to cool before their journey to the airport. They can simply wrap it up and toss it in their carry-on without fear of it burning a hole in their bag. (It can also be used to protect countertop surfaces, too! Perhaps something to mention on the gift tag?)

11. A chic, fuss-free fanny pack with a slim and versatile design that will go with virtually every outfit they pack... so they can blend in with the locals and not look like so much of a tourist when they're carrying their all-day essentials around.

12. A mini steam iron, the practical gift they'll want to take with them so that their vacay attire can stay wrinkle-free... even after it's been smushed into their suitcase for the entirety of a long-haul flight.

the compact steam iron packed in a suitcase full of clothes

13. A simple yet remarkable felt insert invented as the gift of convenience since it can simply slip into any sort of bag and *poof* instantly organize it. Overcrowded purse or carry-on? All now neatly arranged with roomy compartments, so they can stop burrowing in a black hole for their keys and specs.

the large pink insert inside a LV Neverfull MM bag

14. A digital luggage scale that I, a consistent overpacker, would not have been able to travel without. Gift 'em this so they can save the inconvenience (and embarrassment) of paying overweight fees...

the luggage weight

15. Silicone earplugs they'll consider a holiday miracle, because these work to relieve discomfort experienced on airplanes — whether that's a change in air pressure, or the sound of a screaming baby that just happens to be sitting directly next to them...

16. Some compression socks you'll be doing them a huge favor by getting for them, since these will comfortably keep their ankles and legs from ballooning mid-flight. Because let me tell you, having to squish swollen toes back into boots after some time in the air is no easy feat...

Gyan wearing the socks

17. Homeopathic jet-lag pills in case they have a hard time adjusting to changes in time zone. These may help speed up the process and reset their energy levels so they don't wind up sleeping through most of their trip. A gift that's useful and thoughtful? These.

the jetlag pills

18. A nifty reusable water bottle with a daily pill organizer so they can stay hydrated *and* stay on track with medications — even when they're a few thousand miles away from home. Genius!

19. An simply marvelous scarf built with a couple of sneaky zipper pockets so they can keep their essentials close by without having to lug around a handbag.

model wearing the scarf and showing her phone, passport, and money can fit in the scarf

20. A 27-piece first aid kit, the perfect stocking stuffer for, well, anyone! Whether they're the outdoorsy kind or not, they'll be patting themselves on the back for packing these since, I don't know why but, we seem to be more accident-prone when we're away from home.

21. A jewelry organizer to store their vacation-ready accessories in one tidy spot. It also provides some assurance that their necklaces won't become a bundled up mess (which always seems to be a thing no matter how far the journey).

22. A foot hammock featuring some thick, comfy memory foam so their feet can get the first class treatment (even if they're stuck at the back of economy). "This was such a great gift!" They'll say as their hooves fly high.

reviewer with their feet up in the hammock

23. A buckled luggage strap, which you yourself (a seasoned traveler) have found to be incredibly useful. They can add this on to any bag to carry extra items like scarves and jackets, which are usually super annoying to lug around on the go.

24. Some biodegradable hypoallergenic wipes your recipient will be so grateful to find in their stocking. These'll come in handy when they've got a full day of traveling with no chance of showering before they head out to dinner. One quick swipe with this in the airport bathroom and they'll feel refreshed and ready to take down some international cuisine.

hand holding the packet of wipes

25. A portable lock to show them you care about their safety when they're in a different time zone. This fits in the crack of a door and is designed to provide extra security (especially great for places that don't have an alarm system). Once this is looped and in place, if anyone tries to come into their room it'll sound with a loud ring guaranteed to stop intruders in their tracks.

the alarm system looped onto a door handle

26. A TSA-approved toiletry bag that'll stash all their travel-sized liquids and ensures they're easily identifiable. No holding up security lines for them!

hand holding the blue see-through bag

27. A designated dirty laundry bag so that their gross, sweaty, sight-seeing clothes can be neatly zipped up and kept away from their still-clean items.

the white laundry bag

28. A compact, reversed umbrella they can toss in their bag and whip out to shield them from an unexpected rainstorm. A bonus? This baby folds from the outside to keeps droplets contained so they'll stay out of the splash zone even when they go to close it up.

29. A compact and quick-drying microfiber towel that'll fit into their carry-on, backpack, or beach bag, so they're always prepared to have somewhere to sit and dry off if they happen to hike and take a dip in a remote body of water.

30. An anti-blister balm so perfect for when they realize they forgot to break in those strappy sandals before their trip. Tell 'em to rub some of this on and keep it on hand so they can walk along cobblestoned streets with confidence *and* comfort all day long.

31. A travel toothbrush that folds and stores easily so they can keep their smile fresh (especially if they've time traveled and missed their nightly brush).

the foldable toothbrush

32. Some squeezable silicone travel bottles with pre-printed labels so they can fill them up with all their usual products and never be without their holy grails.

reviewer hand holding the pouch of silicone containers

Them now that you totally equipped them for their next trip:

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