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    32 Household Items That Will Improve Your Home Life In More Ways Than One In 2022

    Including things to enhance your cleaning game, change the look of your at-home office, and improve your overall demeanor in general.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Kaleidoscopic window film to provide a smile-inducing light show guaranteed to transport your WFH setup to another realm — just what we need to get over that afternoon slump, if you ask me. Plus, it adds some extra privacy if your place happens to be street level.,

    Each tile you buy is peel-and-stick, so it's super easy to use!

    Promising review: "Not only is this functional, it is SO pretty. It gives my bathroom a totally serene feel. It's easy to install — there IS a film on the back that must be removed. On a corner, use a piece of tape on the front and one on the back, and pull apart until the film comes off. Note: The film is clear; the rainbow effect comes from light being refracted by the film." —Stephanie Graham

    Get it from Amazon for $9.98+ (available in seven sizes).

    To learn more about this, check out "Everyone Should Consider Getting This Window Film And Filling Their Home With Rainbows."

    2. A convenient slide-out pantry that's perfect for two jobs: ridding your countertops of clutter and utilizing the dead, blackhole space found between your fridge and kitchen wall.

    This cupboard on wheels has five shelves, so you'll have ample storage space and you can pull it out and push it back in with ease.

    Promising review: "Very pleased with the quality of this. I was afraid it would be flimsy, but it has feels nice and sturdy even when completely loaded with canned and boxed food. Wheels roll great. Perfect size between fridge and wall. My family has been using this daily for six months with no issues. Very happy with this purchase." —Wally

    Get it from Amazon for $42.58.

    3. A weighted blanket to mimic the feeling of a warm and comforting hug — because in the year that shall not be named, we certainly felt the absence of body-to-body contact. Plus, it's made from soft, breathable cotton so you can drift blissfully off to dreamtown without overheating.,

    The smart design of this blanket combines seven layers filled with medical-grade glass beads that evenly distribute weight along your body and work to control temperature.

    Promising review: "After reading other reviews on weighted blankets, I decided to go with Luna. (I have bought two now, one as a gift) I love that the material is organic cotton, and the beads are not made of plastic. The material is cotton so it is light but strong. I have used this blanket for three or so months now. Having battled insomnia, restless legs, joint pain, and muscle pain, I had read that a weighted blanket could help. Honestly, I hardly have sleepless nights now. The blanket isn't too heavy but just heavy enough. I did get the 15 lb, technically too heavy for my weight according to studies, but I love my blanket!! Before I had this blanket there were many nights I was awake until 3am due to insomnia and pain. Now, usually within a half hour of winding down, I am alseep! It calms my restless legs, and really lessens muscle and joint pain! Blanket is sturdy, holding up well. Totally worth the money." —sunshine

    Get it from Amazon for $59.99+ (available in six weights, four sizes, and 23 colors).

    4. A simple-yet-magnificent lid organizer with adjustable dividers so you can *cheers to the sky* finally retrieve missing lids that were previously just chucked in your cupboard by your lovely, but idle roommate. Who knew zen could be found in the form of swoon-worthy organization?!


    Promising review: "This product does exactly what it's supposed to and does it well. In under 15 minutes I took my nightmare lid drawer and turned it into a functional, convenient storage space. The dividers were simple to install and provided flexibility. Slowly but surely I am getting my tiny, chaotic kitchen under control, and this got me a huge leap closer." —S. Hawthorn

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in three sizes).

    5. A white noise machine that'll tuck so nicely away on your bedside table, you might not even notice it. And speaking of not noticing things: Construction on your roof? Roommates playing video games until the wee hours? All taken care of thanks to a click of a button and the soothing sounds of rushing air and nature.

    Reviewer photo of the small white noise machine

    This little device has six noise modes: White Noise, Thunder, Ocean, Rain, Summer Night, and Brook. You can have it playing noise continuously until you shut it off, or set a timer for 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

    Promising review: "As we're all on COVID alert and working from home, I don't have a 'quiet space' from which to work. So I bought this to drown out the sounds of the TV and other every noises at home. Works great. Can just leave it on or switch to the time mode if using it for sleep. The sounds are pretty continuous so you can't easily identify when the loop starts over again." —db

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99.

    6. The Pink Stuff all-purpose paste (as seen on TikTok) that'll magically clean practically anything and everything in your home. This potion in a paste reverses wall scuffs, cooked-on grease, soap scum, and whatever else that could use a little abracadabra alakazam.,

    Promising review: "Since moving into this apartment I have gradually come to hate this tub because of the water stains I have tried every product on the market including crazy things from the Internet like Coca-Cola vinegar you name it..this stuff with a couple of swipes/scrubs and a toothbrush for the textured areas completely cleaned my tub in a way that I can only tell you excited me to the core of my being. All I can tell you is buy it and I wish you the best!" —Michelle

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    7. A set of bedsheet holders — the solution you've been looking for to hold crumpled sheets in place. And if your covers happen to have lost a couple of inches in the dryer, these'll make sure they don't creep around when you're trying to find your comfy, still spot.

    A reviewer's before and after photos which show a sheet popping off the corner of a mattress and then a sheet attached securely

    Each pack comes with four bands which can stretch from 12 to 18 inches and hold adequate tension.

    Promising review: "Say goodbye to re-arranging your fitted sheet every morning! My boyfriend sleeps like he’s rolling down a hill, so every morning I would wake up to the scratchy feel of my mattress cover because my soft silk fitted sheet was all over the place. Thanks to these bed bands, our sheets stay put no matter what. The only way for your fitted sheet to come off is if you manually remove these first. I wish I would have bought this so much sooner." —Khalysee

    Get a pack of four from Amazon for $12.99 (available in three colors and four pack sizes).

    8. An Our Place Always pan because Instagram's favorite kitchen mate is ::chef's kiss:: for cooking pros and newbs alike. This beauty replaces the need for eight (yes, eight!) cookware items, so you'll be reaching for this anytime you want to fry, steam, boil, and even serve up your signature dish.

    Our Place

    Nonstick ceramic coating? Check. Nesting beechwood spatula with built-in spoon rest? Check. Custom stainless steel steamer basket? Check check.

    BuzzFeed Editor Bek O'Connell is lucky enough to have one of these and can be quoted as saying "Sometimes I just hold mine and sigh over how nice it is! Sorry if that's lame, but it is the truth. I am love with my pan."

    Promising review: "This pan is EVERYTHING! I went from making pasta in the basket to steaming broccoli in it and then finishing my meal in there. Then I forgot about cleaning it because I’m lazy — and the nonstick cleaned up so easily. The sponge they include is incredible, I do all my dishes with it now. Also it looks really cute sitting on my stove all day." —Darby S.

    Get it from Our Place for $145 (available in five colors).

    9. A remarkably sturdy Command spray bottle mount that's lauded by reviewers for a) organizing and saving tons of space in messy cabinets and bathrooms, and b) holding the weight of your go-to cleaning goods in the form of a museum-worthy display without budging.

    A reviewer's wall with eight spray bottles each mounted on one of these hangers

    And like regular Command products, they won't peel off paint once they're removed!

    Promising review: "Let's face it, Command products ROCK! This was perfect for our truck camper, under the sink, to hold a small, refillable spray bottle of 409 to clean the kitchen. It has literally hung by this Command hanger for 3,000 miles now — bumpy roads, up and down hills, you name it. Everywhere we've gone, and neither the bottle nor the Command hanger have ever been found down. Still hanging in there like the day I stuck it. Works AWESOME!!!! It also keeps the bottle out of the way by tucking it up to one side under the sink. PERFECT!" —Jenn

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $5.78+.

    10. An impressive Eufy automatic vacuum cleaner since your household has been full for what feels like 87 years, and no one likes to take responsibility for the cereal that spills under the table every morning. This peacekeeper sucks up crumbs and pet hair from hard and soft floors with the click of a remote, so you can get on with your other household chores.,

    Promising review: "I read a lot of reviews and thought about getting a robo vac for months. I was skeptical but took a chance when the price dropped... and I'm so glad I did! This little thing is truly AMAZING! Other reviewers have demonstrated how well it works and my experience has been the same. I have a Persian cat, German Shepherd and Golden Retriever, this equals a lot of hair and dander. I (easily) programmed the vacuum to run every morning and the amount of hair, dander and dirt that it picks up is incredible. It goes smoothly over my throw rugs and door mats and glides under my couch and chairs. I can't convey just how much I love this little machine. If you're on the fence, take a chance, you'll be happy you did!" —CltGrl13

    Psst! Save an extra $60 when you clip the coupon!

    Get it from Amazon for $249.99 (originally $279.99).

    11. A memory foam seat cushion so your bum never has to grace an uncomfy wooden chair ever again. And this'll support your lower back as the gel-based construction molds to your body — aka pressure is relieved and posture is improved. The bonus? At-home yogis can also use this in their floor practice.

    Reviewer image of the cushion on their office chair

    Promising review: "Provides necessary relief for my tailbone. I am a therapist and Ph.D. student, so I am either sitting and talking or sitting and writing notes or doing research. I have ZERO "behind," so after an hour or so of sitting with no support, my tailbone area starts to ache. This seat allows me to sit for a longer time without pain, and for some reason, my posture improves during use as well." —Adrienne

    Get it from Amazon for $33.95.

    12. A coordinated desk set for anyone who favors anything matchy-matchy. These lush hues will spark so much joy into your WFH setup, you might actually look forward to sitting down at your desk and cranking out those Monday morning emails.

    The five-piece set in lilac
    Talking Out of Turn

    This set includes: Pens, a pen cup, stapler, tape dispenser, and a desk tray.

    Talking Out of Turn — otherwise affectionately known as Toot — is a small woman-led business that creates most of its stationary and lifestyle goods in-house right outside of Dallas, Texas.

    Get it from Talking Out of Turn for $40 (available in eight colors).

    13. An unbelievably adorable display stand so your glasses have a designated place to live when they're not resting upon your nose. I will now bid the hours that turn into days spent trying to locate your spectacles adieu.


    Promising review: "I usually store my glasses in their case. I don't know why that's such a hassle, but I like to be able to just reach for them. But they are also unsafe when they are just sitting on my desk. This little koala solves my problem! He holds my glasses securely and does it in the cutest way possible. Now I can sit at my desk, grab my glasses, and get to work with a smile on my face. And at the end of the day, I just leave them with my Koala for safe keeping. Seriously, just get one. I haven't lost my glasses once since I got this." —Bianca

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in 12 styles).

    14. A Tushy bidet that'll feel like a visit to the waterpark for your bum! We are here for anything that creates less TP waste, looks sleek (this comes in a platinum and bamboo style), and cleans our backsides so we don't have to.


    This bathroom must-have doesn't require electricity or any additional plumbing, and can be temperature controlled.

    Promising review: "I'll be the first to admit, I don't write reviews. This may be, literally, my first one. All I can say is this is a game-changer!! After a brief trip to Europe last year, my wife had been pushing for us to get one. Well, fast forward to the 2020 pandemic, no TP was time to buy the Tushy. I was hesitant, I'm not gonna lie. But then, it was as if I had been missing out on living for the past 32 years. You think I'm lying, I'm not. I've never felt cleaner. Buy this and you will thank me later." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $69 (originally $99; available in two styles).

    15. And a bottle of Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go toilet spray because it's our ~doody~ to inform you that you *can* go do your biz comfortably — and have something on hand to mask any evidence of it ever happening. Slip this into your toiletry bag, so you'll always leave the john smelling like a tree full o' lemons.

    The bottle of poo-pourri

    Just spritz before you go, and voilà! No more stressful hangouts when you calculate in your mind how long you can stay before you've got to head home to use the bathroom.

    Promising review: "A couple of sprays on the toilet water before you sit down and everything smells like fresh lemons when you are done. Very easy to use and so far has held up very well." —Bruce B.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in various scents and seven sizes).

    16. A gorge set of cable organizers to save you from the panic that ensues when wires become so entangled, it seems like they'll never come undone. These will instantly tame your setup (and your disposition) as they'll stay put thanks to their chic design and lil' adhesive backs.

    A set of two gold finished round cable organizers installed on a desk with a charger wire running through them

    Brighttia is a New York-based Etsy shop established in 2018 that offers simple yet stunning solutions in modern interior, lighting, and decor.

    Promising review: "These brass cable organizers are beautiful and high quality. I’m using two of them to keep a plug-in sconce cord attached to the wall and to direct the cord to the electrical outlet. These little gold pieces add a touch of functionality and glamour to the sconces. Exactly what I was looking for." —Amy Margolis

    Get a set of two from Brighttia on Etsy for $12.98+ (available in four colors).

    17. A storage bed that'll a) upgrade your squeaky bed frame that's lived with you since your first apartment, and b) take care of your overrun closet that's virtually impossible to close.

    The black bed with drawers underneath

    Promising review: "The bed was easy to put together. I needed help moving the box but once opened, one person can do this. I bought the bed for the look and the storage. The four drawers really do work very well and roll out for easy access. They also hold a lot — much more than I expected. You really do not see the drawers. I bought a pillowtop mattress to go with this, as I wanted a higher bed. Another unexpected plus is that I can use my king-size sheets; they just tuck under the mattress. I'm very pleased with this bed." —Ellen

    Get it from Novogratz on Amazon for $378.96+ (available in five colors and sizes full to king).

    18. A jar opener because stubborn lids will have no place in your home ever again thanks to metal teeth that grasp and open "glued" on container tops. This is ideal for folks with limited mobility and safe enough to be used around kids.

    The jar opener on top of a jar of olives

    Promising review: "Bought this for my 85-year-old mother who has a bit of arthritis in her hands. She loves this jar opener. She commented on the ease of use and likes the fact that it can be used on smaller bottles. Made a daily task much easier for her." —Christine

    Get it from Amazon for $11.95. And check out this similar bottle opener that can mount underneath your kitchen cabinets.

    19. An elegant diffuser to purify the stale indoor air you're breathing in day in, day out. With this aromatherapy device, you can fill your home with calming scents and transform your living area into a relaxing haven instantly. Plus, it's both easy on the eye and wallet!,

    This bundle includes 10(!) essential oils and the diffuser has an LED light that can be set to seven soothing colors. There are four timer settings that can last up to six hours of operation.

    Promising review: I’ve had many diffusers in my life and this one in my favorite! It really does a good job at diffusing the essential oils — and it’s a nice, neutral color. I was hesitant at first, because I didn’t know the quality of oils for this brand, but I’ve been very happy with it so far. Everyone in the office loves to stop by my desk because of this diffuser! I can’t believe I got this diffuser and all the oils for the price I paid! That is unheard of in the stores. Diffusers usually run anywhere from $20-50 and then 12 essential oils can be as high at $75! Definitely a great buy!" —Olivia H.

    Get it from Amazon for $39.95.

    20. A set of mood-enhancing string lights which are specifically designed for curtains and window treatments. Because the last time I checked, a wall flush with twinkly lights is the *only* way to create a stay-at-home wonderland. (Plus, these are a great lighting alternative if you're not a fan of stark white overheads.)

    The lights are waterproof, have eight light settings controlled by a remote, and can be used indoors or outdoors. Layer the light strings with sheer curtains to create a cozy haven. And BTW, some reviewers noted that these curtains can be tricky to hang up by yourself because the lights get tangled, but many shared a hack: Don't untie the long lights from each other until you've already hung up the curtain.

    Promising review: "I am so in love with these lights! They were so easy to put up (took me about five minutes). They add such beauty to my room. I am so happy with this purchase." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 and the sheer curtains for $19.99+ (available in 16 sizes and 19 colors).

    21. A faux sheepskin throw so your feet (and tush) have a warm place to land in your bedroom and/or beside your couch. And! This can be used to soften up the look and feel of the cold leather chair you usually avoid sitting in.


    Promising review: "I’m honestly surprisingly happy with this rug! I bought the cheapest one I could find, because I just needed a tiny one for a background for a picture. What I got from this was so amazingly soft and big for the price, that my fiancé convinced me to get one for the living room floor. This rug is absolutely amazing, you’ll never want to stop touching it!" —Amazon Customer

    Get a 2'x3' size from Amazon for $19.89 (available in five sizes and 11 colors).

    22. A toothpaste holder paired with a squeezer if you're a firm believer that the only way to squeeze is from 👏 the 👏 bottom 👏. This nifty little thing gets every little last dab of paste out to save you the effort — plus it just looks a lot better atop your sink in lieu of that crumbled-up tube.

    Promising review: "This device is ingenious! Wished I’d known sooner that this product exists. I use Arm & Hammer toothpaste which still comes in the standard small cap so having it prompt up behind the bathroom cabinet was impossible. Now, problem solved. It’s a small invention that made a positive impact. I thank the person who thought of it." —Jl33NYC

    Get it from Amazon for $6.89.

    23. A Rub-A-Way odor remover — the ingenious soap-shaped bar that's made of attractive stainless steel to eradicate any lingering smell that comes from chopping up your least fave ingredients: garlic + onions. Rub your hands with this with or without water, so you can save yourself from hours of scrubbing your fingers until they're red and raw.

    Rub away odor remover on kitchen counter

    And these are dishwasher-safe.

    Promising Review: "Hate the smell of garlic and onions on your hands even after multiple washings? This bar takes them away in seconds. I like that is shaped like a bar of soap (very cute in my soap tray). It's simple to use and comfortable in your hands. A couple of $$ cheaper would be nice but it works so I guess it was worth it. Whenever guests see it, they have to try I it. They always ask me how it works. I tell them it's magic." —Kat K

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99+.

    24. Heat-safe silicone utensils that won't scratch up your pots and pans as you make that rue for your ~fancy~ homemade mac. And thanks to their soft material, they minimize cooking noise which means you won't wake up your roommate the next time you bang the side of the pot to remove excess food.,

    Each set includes a large and medium spatula, a large and medium spoon, a medium spreader, a medium pastry brush, an egg whisk, and an egg separator.

    Promising review: "Great quality!! I’ve been using them for a few months now and they are great! They clean up well with no spots and feel pretty sturdy while using for thick heavy foods. I also use some for sautéing and have had no heat issues or melting. I would definitely buy these again, but at this rate I won’t need to!" —Mizz87

    Get a nine-piece set from Amazon for $15.99+.

    25. Two memory foam armrest pads to upgrade your less than comfy WFH office chair. These'll support your arms and relieve the pressure from your 'bows, so you can sit through your next ~painful~ two-hour Zoom call comfortably. Reviewers say these are the perfect add-on for gaming chairs, too!

    A reviewer's office chair with the arm pads

    Promising review: "I was having problems with my elbow being sore from sitting at my chair so much while working from home. I wear T-shirts a lot and my elbows were getting raw and annoyed from resting on the hard plastic arm rests all day. They fit my chair perfectly and from the minute I put them on, they gave me instant relief from the hard plastic arm rests on my chair. I highly recommend them to anyone with similar elbow issues." —BoSoxBrent

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99.

    26. A sheet of stick-on sound dampeners so you don't have to worry about opening and closing kitchen cabinets quietly if you're a morning person and your roommate is a chronic snoozer. This is the perfect solution to avoid having *that* conversation.,

    Bonus: these will also make sure your cabinets stay free of scratches!

    Promising review: "These work very well to dampen the sounds of my idiot roommates slamming cabinet doors at all hours of the day. Just make sure you're wiping down the part of the cabinet they'll stick to before applying them. The adhesive is good and should hold for a while." —LMA

    Get a sheet of 100 from Amazon for $5.99.

    27. A glass desktop dry erase board to optimize your workspace and save you from hoarding (and losing) a bajillion sticky note reminders. It even comes with a hidden storage drawer so you can *appear* to be keeping everything organized, even if your schedule might not be.

    The dry erase board with the words "Isn't this fabulous?!!!" written out on it

    Promising review: "This thing is absolutely perfect. I highly recommend for those of you working from home. I needed a white board but really didn’t have the space nor did I think a stand up board would be functional for me. This is the perfect solution. I have it set out right below my extra monitor and it is at my fingertips whenever I need to jot down an action item for myself. It has significantly helped to reduce my number of sticky notes. Helps to make my desk space cleaner and more efficient looking which helps me to work better. The black marker that comes with it has a nice little eraser on the top that is sufficient for any erasing needs. I did also buy a pack of thin dry erase markers to go with it. Also you can put the cord for your computer under the white board. There is a little gap that is about half an inch tall or so. Highly recommend!"—Shannon

    Get it from Amazon for $21.49.

    28. A multi-use Everything Towel made of luxe muslin cotton to take care of kitchen spills, dish-drying, and can even be used as a nurse-to-nap blanket for your little one or as a hair towel for frizz-free absorption. These won't leave fibers on dishware like regular ol' towels and they hang dry in record speed.

    The everything towel being used in a kitchen
    Muslin Comfort

    Muslin Comfort is a small business based out of California that makes 100% muslin cotton blankets, towels, and bath robes.

    Promising review: "Once in awhile you will find something SPECIAL. I have ordered three times from Muslin Comfort and I could not be more pleased with each item. I generally don't write reviews, but I felt compelled to write this one because I want the company and everyone who reads this to know that these items are SPECIAL! Exceptional quality and so comfy, as well as simply pretty. Thanks Muslin happy I found you!" —Customer

    Get it from Muslin Comfort for $24.99 (available in three colors).

    29. An electrical cord box that has a faux wood top and white base that's attractive enough to seamlessly camouflage itself within your living room *and* it hides unsightly wires. (Because we know you're sick of seeing the ivy of cables that run from your TV down the sides of the wall.)

    Promising review: "I purchased this cable box to hide a bunch of cords for a router, mini cell phone tower, etc. I shopped around a bit because I wanted something that looked nicer than just a plastic box. This was the best solution I found, I like the faux wood top of it, I actually wish the sides were the same design but again I do like the aesthetic of this box. It fits a ton of cords and wires. This was a fast and satisfying fix to my cord problem. I will be purchasing another one of these boxes for a different area of the house. It was worth the money for me as it looked better than the other cable boxes I could find and it really did solve the problem." —Kindle Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $25.99.

    30. A reusable sponge so you can ditch that kitchen funk and replace the icky, worn-out scrubber you're pretending still has some life left in it. This eco-friendly alt is made from recycled materials, is mildew-resistant, and can simply be thrown in the washing machine to be used over and over again.

    Marley's Monsters / Etsy

    Based in Oregon, Marley's Monsters creates eye-catching alternatives for everyday paper essentials.

    Promising review: "This is my second time purchasing these sponges. Love them! I'm going on a whole year with my first two sponges and just wanted to buy a few more as gifts and to add another sponge into my rotation. Great quality." —lilflostein

    Get it from Marley's Monsters on Etsy for $12.99+ (available in four backing colors).

    31. A disgustingly satisfying set of Sticky Stake insect traps that will take care of any infestation and make pesky gnats, thrips, and fruit flies think twice about coming anywhere near your precious collection of plant babies.,

    Promising review: "Holy cow these suckers work! I'm so grossed out by the result, but at the same time I have a sick sense of satisfaction. I used these in my house plants that are breeding fungus gnats like crazy. I used them in conjunction with beneficial nematodes, and they definitely cut down on the number of gnats in our house. Unfortunately I added a new houseplant, plus repotted one that had outgrown its prior home, and we are wrapped up in them again. I'm buying another package of sticky traps as soon as I finish this review!" —Megan

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

    32. A pet-grooming glove brush that'll not only have your fluffiest pals looking like they just stepped out of the groomers, but also help with any shedding problems around your home.,

    Promising review: "This glove is perfect for our one kitty who hates to be brushed. Our family recently added kitty number three, a big beautiful long-haired Maine Coon who despises being brushed or bathed. It was such a struggle as fine cat hair started taking over our life. Honestly, I did not think this grooming glove would work, but let me just say it is wonderful. Our kitty Nicki just loves the feeling it gives him, and we love the astounding amount of kitty his hair that is now in the glove and not on every surface in our home. Thank you wonderful seller. We LOVE this glove." —Colleen5991

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

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