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    Just 32 Things That Basically Scream, "Fall Is Here"

    If you haven't been crying out for PSLs since June, what have you been doing...

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    1. A cutesy nonstick griddle, because what could be more festive than breakfast served up in the form of fluffy, palm-sized pumpkins?! Your new kitchen BFF takes up minimal space and is super easy to use — just pour in the batter and in three to four minutes, voilà! Toasty goodness.

    pumpkin-shaped waffles made using the orange griddle

    2. Glorious marble nail wraps in deep, witchy hues so you can finally ditch the brights and pastels (...and the idea of waiting around for your mani to dry — which inevitably smudges within seconds anyway!).

    the dark blue and purple marble designed nail wraps

    3. Cozy knee-high socks just waiting to be taken on your annual apple-picking trip. Because if fall stocking stuffers were a thing, I'm pretty sure these would be on everyone's list.

    three models wearing knee high cable knit style socks

    4. A festive front doormat to make anyone who comes to your home fully aware that summer and all its sweatiness have officially left the building.

    the leaf shaped mat

    5. Coated cuffed shorts, the style we predict will zhoosh up any and every fall-inspired ensemble. Mark your calendars, because these babies will take up most of your September and October days and nights.

    model wearing the chocolate brown shorts

    6. A velvet Jungalow throw pillow that I can't help but think has been inspired by the colors of a ~certain~ triangular Halloween treat... (Love 'em or hate 'em, who else here finds it virtually impossible to resist shoving a few kernels of them in their mouth?!)

    the terracotta pillow with multicolored fringe

    7. A set of soup bowls (with handles!) because it's officially slurping season and, I don't know about you but, tucking into a warm bowl of broccoli and cheddar has been on my to-do list since the temperature dropped by two degrees...

    the four white bowls with the words "cozy," "yum," "hearty," and "tasty" engraved on them

    8. A dried pampas grass bundle for an autumnal take on a floral bouquet (that you don't have to worry about killing off if you don't tend to it). These chic, fluffy decorations just ooze sophisticated cozy vibes that, be warned, might just transform your home into a boutique hotel.

    9. Glossier Cloud Paint blends like a cream for subtle, buildable color when you want to maintain your summer glow well into the overcast months. The lightweight formula means it won't ever look cakey, and you can dab some on your lids for days when you're feeling matchy-matchy.

    Another model with a darker skin tone with the blush on

    10. Simply adorable fall-themed hoops you can wear with literally anything — and possibly the easiest way to send the message that you are ready to be passed a hot spiked apple cider ASAP.

    the different seasonal charms on gold hoops

    11. Zombie face masks because spooky season is upon us and what's more terrifying than a Halloween slasher movie? Enlarged pores and wrinkles. These minimize both so well, you might give yourself a fright with how incredible your new skin looks after just one use and 15 short minutes.

    12. A ridiculously attractive tabletop fireplace that'll give your back patio a serious glow up while also heating up all your fall evenings spent stargazing. I think that's what they call a win-win!

    the sand colored geometric shaped fireplace

    13. A chic plaid shirt jacket proving to us why fall is indeed the most fashionable season of them all. Pop this over leggings, jeans, or skirts for infinite, easy-to-style outfits ready to seek out some foliage.

    model wearing the white and black plaid overshirt

    14. Macramé pumpkin holders that might make you believe in magic because, yes, these do exist, and yes, we are indeed rejoicing. Switch out your hanging plants for your new plant child of the season: your jack-o'-lantern.

    the macrame holders holding pumpkins

    15. A luscious Peripera lip tint here to fall-ify up your makeup bag and become one with your skin with its pillowy-soft pigment. Its precision applicator moves with the natural shape of your lips, so huzzah! Applying buildable, seasonal hues just got even easier.

    reviewer wearing the coral link ink and holding the product

    16. Corduroy sneakers with fuzzy shearling lining, because cooler temps are just around the corner and if you're someone who likes to continue wearing slip-ons sans socks these gems need to be in your arsenal.

    the cream colored sneakers

    17. A cozy blanket scarf in a brushed plaid that's long enough to be wrapped up and nuzzled into as you traipse through a blustery park full of crunchy leaves.

    model wearing the blue, orange, and purple scarf

    18. A set of Brooklinen stone-washed linen bedsheets if you're anything like me and currently fan-girling over browns, taupes...basically every neutral shade that exists this time of year. These luxuriously airy covers will keep you cool yet cozy and are guaranteed to breathe new life into your boudoir.

    19. A floral-infused multitasking oil so you can keep frizzy hair caused by scarf static at bay and ensure chapped cuticles stay thoroughly moisturized — all thanks to a blend of coconut, collagen-boosting jojoba, and lavender oils.

    20. A set of warmly tinted string lights that are specifically designed for curtains and window treatments. Because the last time I checked, a wall flush with twinkly lights is the *only* way to create a cozy, fall-themed wonderland.

    21. An Our Place Always Pan because Instagram's favorite kitchen mate is ::chef's kiss:: for cooking pros and newbs alike. This beauty replaces the need for eight (yes, eight!) cookware items, so you'll be reaching for this anytime you want to fry, steam, or boil your favorite fall treats.

    the terracotta pan

    22. Fuzzy strapped slippers that your feet have been patiently waiting to switch out the flip-flops for. Finally! It's once again appropriate for your piggies to be rocking these ultra-chic house shoes.

    the leopard print two strap slippers

    23. A cozy oversized sweater if you're not prepared to part with summery hues just yet, but totally ready to fully subscribe to thicker knits and toasty tops.

    the pink and sweater

    24. Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint to refresh your fall routine with our three main loves: skincare, makeup, and sun protection. We adore products with good-for-skin ingredients, like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, known for softening and plumping. Not to mention the weightless feel, sheer coverage, and SPF what? 40! Swoon.

    25. Supplely soft water-resistant leather booties because *these* boots are made for walking [through fall-time showers and leaves] and that's just what they'll do...and one of these days, they might just make their way into your cart! 🎶

    the brandy colored boots with a mid heel

    26. A large storage basket since it's time to bring out the fluffy throws, extra cushions, and additional bedding once again. Simply put, snuggle season is upon us so give your extra layers a tidy, elegant place to live.

    the handwoven baskets with handles

    27. A sassy room-filling scented candle to commemorate the best and only season that *really* matters. Rumor has it that this pairs well with slippers, a fireplace, and reveling in some new fall reads...

    the Basic Witch candle

    28. A Bearaby chunky-knit weighted blanket you've been hemming and hawing over for months now. Everyone in your group chat reacted with either a heart or a thumbs-up, officially got the approval to move it from "saved" to "checkout" this season!

    Model underneath the midnight blue blanket

    29. A natural dream balm made with soothing ingredients like lavender, chamomile, mugwort, and valerian oils to help you calmly nod off and adjust once the clocks fall back.

    A Dream Balm in a round purple container

    30. Spanx faux leather leggings to upgrade the see-through ones you've been lounging in since the beginning of the pandem'. These'll keep your bottom half comfy, covered, and, don't worry, will not show off your brightly colored undergarms as the temps start to dwindle.

    31. A set of knit cozies that, I'm sorry, are effectively stylish cardigans for your mugs of hot chocolate and tea?! Just imagine, you and your toasty bev coordinated on the couch in matching oatmeal sweaters! Excuse me while I swoon over these for you.

    The two oatmeal koozies that are fastened by a button and wrapped around a mug and travel coffee cup

    32. And a compact personal heater if you're after an extra heat source to combat the draft that flagrantly makes its way into your home no matter the time of year. Fire this up for a straight line of heat to instantly warm your lil' nook.

    A reviewer showing their small black heater, about the same height as a starbucks coffee cup

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