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    35 Fall Style Essentials For Anyone Whose Favorite Color Is Black

    The most fashionable seasonable dressed in the most fashionable color... Don't worry you're not dreaming.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A high-neck lace dress, a staple for anyone who believes black lace is just *chef's kiss* year round (but especially during the fall). A look this sophisticated deserves a spot in your classy collection, like, yesterday.

    model wearing the black dress

    2. A racerfront tank we all need at least one of in the rotation. Reviewers are commending this style for its fit and cut since it mimics the feeling of a perfectly formed hug — plus it'll go with any and *every* single pair of bottoms you already own.

    3. A matching ruched top and skirt you'll be reaching for when you have five minutes to get dressed. Why? a) You can get away with calling it a dress (hello, multitasker!) and b) It saves you the agro of finding coordinating pieces. There you have it, folks, a head-to-toe look that took zero brainpower.

    model wearing the black top and skirt

    4. A waffle knit sweater coat that you can swaddle your entire body in. The moment you bury yourself in this? You'll wonder why any other stylish layer even attempts to exist.

    model wearing the black knee length cardigan

    5. A matching three-piece lounge set so chic, you'll want to curl up in it but also post about it on the ol' Insta. I foresee this looking just fab in your fall photo dump alongside some Trader Joe's pumpkin pancakes...

    6. Faux leather croc booties one reviewer is calling their "witchy dreamboats." And TBH, we couldn't agree more... They're so stunning, they're probably capable of putting a love spell on you, your black skinny jeans, and whoever else lays on them.

    7. A square neck racerback bodysuit gifted with the ability to *hooray* never have to be tucked or re-tucked into your jeans or skirts. In this snazzy basic — I mean GODSEND — you'll just have one gloriously seamless finish.

    8. A batwing-sleeve sweater dress aka the answer you'll be giving in group chats when people ask you what you're wearing to all the upcoming baby and bridal showers.

    model wearing the black off-shoulder dress

    9. An utterly divine velvet handbag complete with a cutesy bow to add the finishing touches to your all-black ensemble. Scoring this gem is essentially like *poof* magically transforming every outfit from drab to incredibly fab.

    the black velvet handbag

    10. A thick knit sweater with balloon sleeves for fall-themed photoshoots paired with the only accessory that allows you to deviate from an all-noir outfit: A steamin' hot PSL.

    11. A V-neck beaded batwing blouse serving up major I just attended the Met Gala vibes. And, because like most of us, odds are that you didn't, this is the type of look that will make your sidewalk feel like your very own red carpet.

    the black beaded blouse

    12. Over-the-knee boots made of smooth and stretchy faux suede to round out your tall boot collection. Might we be right in thinking you're missing a chunky-heeled pair that slides on as a stylish additional layer for any and all of your bottoms?

    13. A long-sleeved jumpsuit with a customizable drawstring waist, because when Cozy o'clock calls that means it's time for free flowing fabrics only. Sayonara, denim and zippers! You have no place on our body for the rest of the day.

    Model wearing jumpsuit

    14. Spanx faux leather leggings to upgrade the see-through ones you've been lounging in since the beginning of the pandem'. These'll keep your bottom half comfy, covered, and, don't worry, will not show off your brightly colored undergarms as the temps start to dwindle.

    15. A long-sleeve asymmetrical top you might trade your basic turtleneck for since this beauty has style, sophistication, *and* warmth stitched into its seams.

    reviewer wearing the black top

    16. A Free People cutoff denim mini ready to be paired with fall's favorite shoe: Boots. We're talking OTK, ankle-length, calf height... I could go on, but I think there's better use of your time, like carting this bb.

    17. A fluffy knee-length teddy coat that doubles up on warmth and sophistication. With its long lapels and supremely cozy fabric, you'll laugh at the thought of being cold during your morning stroll.

    18. A cozy knit roll-neck dress with pockets(!!) for an outfit that practically does all the work of getting dressed for you — and quite simply has glamour and warmth sewn into its core.

    Reviewer wearing black dress

    19. A pair of warm and fuzzy black Ugg slippers you'll look forward to launching your feet into every morning. And quite frankly, any other color does not do well with disguising spillages from guzzling down your 7 a.m. cup of coffee.

    20. A plaid blanket scarf that's long enough to be wrapped up and nuzzled into as you traipse through a blustery park full of crunchy leaves.

    model wearing the black and white plaid scarf

    21. A cutout jumpsuit made out of a soft and stretchy fabric that will ~spice~ up every fall night ahead. Pair this with some heels and a blazer for a 'fit that looks like it just stepped off the runway.

    model wearing the black bustier jumpsuit

    22. A black strapless bustier you wouldn't dare consider purchasing in any other color. This in-demand top deserves its own schedule, because you'll be making continuous restaurant reservations just so you can wear it again and again.

    reviewer wearing the black bustier

    23. Trusty black Lucky Brand booties to exemplify your loyalty to your go-to jeans that just also happen to be in your signature shade. These babies have a rubber sole and a small, walkable heel, which makes them practical and comfy for everyday wear, too.

    24. A wide-leg cutout jumpsuit you can be out the door swiftly in anytime your phone buzzes with last-minute plans that involve drinks and a heated rooftop.

    25. A pleated faux leather skirt (with built-in shorts!) that'll basically pay for itself. This babe will hog all your attention given the amount of fall events you can wear it to.

    reviewer wearing the black skirt

    26. A flowy rib knit off-shoulder dress for breathable comfort that still looks incredibly polished and will keep you warm for outdoor soirées.

    model wearing the black dress

    27. High-waisted faux leather shorts, the item we predict will zhoosh up any and every fall-inspired ensemble. Rock these bb's in the day or pair 'em with some tights and heels for a night out at that hard-to-get-into eatery you've had a reservation for since summer.

    28. A high neck chiffon shirt to make the stress of deciding what to wear to work a thing of the past. Tuck it into a high-waisted skirt or let it drape over some mid-rise pants — either way you can't go wrong, style queen.

    model wearing the black and white rose printed top

    29. A Good American mock turtleneck dress featuring a high slit and the type of elegance one might find on a yacht sailing across Monaco. A lot of us can't make it on said yacht, so may we suggest taking this number out on a date night instead?

    model wearing the black dress

    30. Franco Sarto patent loafers complete with thick rubber soles if you're not ready to dive feet first into boots just yet. These grant you the ability to go sock-less for another couple months! Plus, with their business-casual tassel, you can actually make ripped denim look more refined than ever before.

    A reviewer photo of a pair of feet wearing the black patent loafers with tassels on the toe

    31. Top-selling high-rise skinny jeans with super stretch fabric and a hidden no-gap waistband that contours like a pair of leggings... but can actually be worn to meetings. Aka the time has come to retire that washed out, ill-fitting pair that is just taking up precious real estate in your dresser.

    32. A belted bodycon midi with long puffy sleeves proving to us why fall is indeed the most fashionable season of them all. You can wear this over and over again since it possesses the kind of sophistication that pulls through when you've got somewhere to be but "nothing to wear."

    reviewer wearing the black dress

    33. Glitter bat earrings made of lovely lightweight clay to celebrate witching season *and* your fave shade in all its glory (without hurting your lobes or cramping your style). In fact, these are probably the most stylish way to show your adoration for this time of year.

    34. A high-waisted tube skirt to display your commitment to your number one color, while also gifting your wardrobe with a brand-new versatile staple. Rumor has it, heels, boots, *and* sneakers would all swipe right on this.

    model wearing the black skirt

    35. A spaghetti strap bodycon with SO many *stunning* review photos, I found it virtually impossible to pick just two. I mean.. gah... dressed in this, you'll exude the type of luxury one could only experience staying in the penthouse at The Ritz.

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