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Updated on May 19, 2019. Posted on Jun 2, 2018

Answer These 10 "Yes Or No" Food Questions And We'll Reveal If You're More British Or American

Do baked beans belong in a breakfast?

  1. When someone says "a cup of tea" is this what comes to mind?

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  2. Do sweet potatoes belong in dessert?

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  3. Would you eat cheese out of a can?

  4. When you think of "pigs in blankets", is pastry invovled?

  5. Do baked beans belong in a breakfast?

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  6. Do you use an electric kettle to make hot drinks?

  7. When you make a grilled cheese sandwich, do you cook them on the stove?

  8. When you get cinema popcorn, is it buttered?

  9. Do you consider these to be crumpets?

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  10. Can a pudding be savoury?