14 Times Adverts Really Nailed This Whole Hair Removal Thing

    Do they just like to shave for the fun of it?

    1. Hair removal adverts are obviously about removing unwanted hair...so why is there never any hair to begin with?

    2. Look at this transformation, as a silky smooth leg is transformed into a silky smooth leg.

    3. Here we have Jennifer Lopez shaving her already dolphin-smooth legs.

    4. Rather than show normal body hair, this ad decided to show seven terrifyingly gigantic animated ones.

    5. Even animated skin is hairless.

    6. Look at this epilator ripping out absolutely nothing.

    7. And this wax clinging to the hairs that can't be seen by human eyes.

    8. This ad suggests that smelling a wax pot is akin to transporting to a luxurious spa.

    Ah yes that most indulgent and relaxing of experiences, preparing to rip your hair out from the root.

    9. Rather than actual hair, hair removal ads sometimes use a ~powerful simile~, like this subtle reminder to trim your bush.

    10. Of course, as in real life, some candles are lit to ~set the mood~.

    11. Here we have some hot wax ready to remove some non-existent hair.

    12. And here's a lovely high definition close up of a leg that doesn't need to be shaved.

    13. This woman clearly hasn't removed her leg hair in a while, it must have been an hour at least.

    14. Maybe the women in these adverts just really enjoy it, this person looks like they're having the time of their life.