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18 Things You'll Only Understand If Your Pet Is The Light Of Your Life

Loving your pet isn't a competition, but if it was you would definitely win.

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1. When somebody talks about how great their pet is, all you can do is quietly think about how your pet is better.

Sorry I wasn't listening when you were talking about your dog. I was busy looking in my phone for a picture of my superior dog.

"Yes, Biscuit seems like a great dog... but what about my dog?".


7. Or even worse, if you accidentally hurt them.


8. You're constantly looking for an excuse to bring them up to people.

[on 1st date] Me: Have you ever flown to Paris on a private jet before? Her: No, I'd love to Me: Same Me: *shows photo of cat* this is Tim


15. And it's hard to not buy them everything.

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Because you know your pet deserves the world.

16. You remember, and celebrate, the anniversary of the day you got them.

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17. As well as their birthday, a day you plan more thoroughly than your own birthday.

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18. And every day you make sure to remind them of how ~flawless~ they are.