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    18 Moments All Socially Awkward People Have Experienced At Some Point

    "What's the time?" "I'm alright, thanks! How are you?"

    1. When a waiter or waitress says "enjoy your meal" and you say "you too!"

    2. Or when you mishear a question so your reply makes absolutely no sense.

    3. When you ask someone how they are, then they ask how you are, and then you ask them again.

    4. Or when you ask someone for their name 30 seconds after asking them the first time.

    5. When you blurt out something that isn't even true and then don't know if you should correct yourself.

    6. When you and someone else talk at the same time and they let you go first, but then you feel an immense pressure to say something significant.

    7. When you mean to talk at a normal volume but it comes out as a whisper.

    8. When you talk to someone but they ignore you because they didn't hear you, so you just sit quietly and pray nobody else noticed what happened.

    9. When there's a slight pause in a conversation and you're not sure if it's time to end the conversation or if maybe they're collecting their thoughts.

    10. When you laugh at something funny you said but you laugh for longer than you meant to and now you can't stop.

    11. Or when you laugh at a joke you've overheard someone near you telling and then they turn around to look at you.

    12. When you're worried you got some spit on someone when speaking to them and don't know how to proceed.

    13. When you're stuck between saying two words and so you just kind of...mix them together.

    14. When you end a phone call with "love you" to someone you definitely do not love.

    15. When you smile at someone who you think you know but then realise that they are in fact, a stranger.

    16. When you make a joke but it comes out sounding serious so you have to explain it was a joke.

    17. When someone gets a fairly important piece of information about you wrong but the window of time to correct them has gone.

    18. And when you can hear someone talking to you so you reply, but it turns out they're on the phone.