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31 Slightly Terrible Things That Make Every Girl Cringe

Those painful blisters from a new pair of flats.

Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

1. Going for a pee when there’s no toilet paper and then feeling a little wet patch of residual pee in your underwear for the rest of the day.

2. Having a fart bubble stuck in your labia that you have to push out.

3. Getting a big blister after wearing new flats and having to power through and keep walking even though it hurts.

4. A hair tie getting tangled in your hair, so that you have to rip off the ends of your hair to free it.

5. Thinking you’ve shaved your legs carefully but ending up with loads of tiny painful cuts.

6. Your thighs rubbing together on a hot day.

7. And sitting down on a chair only to have them stick to the seats, so that when you get up you're convinced a layer of skin is going to come off.

8. Burning yourself by accident with a straightener or curler.

9. Taking out a dry tampon and wanting to gag from how gross it feels.

10. Getting really itchy pubes in public and just having to wait the discomfort out.

11. Pulling a long hair, or a little collection of hairs, from your bum crack after a shower.

12. Although it’s much worse pulling out a long hair that’s migrated to your vulva.

13. Getting boob sweat in the summer so that your bra gets so sticky it feels like a horrible cage of fabric.

14. Wearing thongs in the summer that get all sweaty, and having to peel them from your butt crack whenever you need to go to the bathroom.

15. Gently running your hand across your chin and feeling a thick, spiky chin hair that seems to have popped up out of nowhere.

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

16. Accidentally poking yourself in the eye with your mascara wand, and your watery eyes ruining your makeup in the process.

17. Or getting an eyelash on your eyeball that you just can’t remove no matter how much you attempt to blink it out.

18. The sticky side of your pad folding up and getting stuck to your pubes, and then bracing yourself to rip it off.

19. Breaking a nail and ending up with sore, exposed nail beds after you’ve peeled it off.

20. Getting your sunglasses tangled in your hair when you were trying to nonchalantly rest them atop your head.

21. Taking your hair out of a tight bun or ponytail and then having your scalp hurt from where the hair's moved back to normal.

22. Peeing when you have a UTI and feeling that horrible sting that makes you convinced you're on fire down there.

23. Peeing in a public restroom when you've been holding it for ages, and relaxing your muscles so much that a lil’ fart just slips out too.

24. Going to tweeze a hair and accidentally pinching your skin instead.

25. A stray strand of hair from head somehow getting wound around your toes.

26. Your underwear shifting a little bit while you’re going about your life so that one of your labia lips pops out and rubs up against the crotch of your clothes.

27. Your underwire popping out of your bra and stabbing you right in the boob.

28. Wearing strappy shoes and feeling them rub against your feet and ankles while you walk.

29. Peeling that little bit of skin sticking out near your nail, only to end up pulling off way more than you planned to.

30. Washing your hands with a hair tie on your wrist, so it ends up getting all wet and you have to walk around with a soggy elastic on your wrist on all day.

31. Getting a hole in the foot of your tights so your toe pokes through, but it doesn't have quite enough room and it feels like your poor toe's circulation is being cut off.