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    17 Tweets That Prove Grandparents Are Actually The Best

    Protect them at all costs.

    1. This grandma and her bracelet.

    2. This great-grandma who found love.

    3. This very polite nan.

    4. This grandpa who's in peak physical condition.

    5. And this grandpa who's really happy about his new dog.

    6. This nan and her passport photo.

    7. And this grandpa who's studying hard.

    8. These adorable grandparents.

    9. And these ones who look so damn happy 40 years on.

    10. This grandma who's the star of the show.

    11. These grandparents who know true love.

    12. This grandpa who got a very relevant gift.

    13. This amazing grandma who helped her grandson out.

    14. This supportive nan.

    15. These grandparents who look terrifying, but are terrifying together.

    16. This gran who knows how to introduce herself in style.

    17. And this incredibly proud grandad.