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19 Tweets About Shopping At Primark That Are Funny Because They're True

"It can't just be me that has it fixed in their head that no matter how much you chuck in a Primark basket, it won't exceed £50."

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1. You definitely recognise these knickers.

Is it just me girls or is Kendal Jenner wearing those £1 Primark knickers we all own???

2. Because tbh, where else can you get underwear for £1 apiece?

3. You know there's a cheaper dupe for most things.

4. You usually leave with loads of extras.

You know when you go into Primark for a plain vest top and come out with 8 bikinis, 12 kaftans and 600 hairbands

5. Especially stuff you don't need.

Every girl that goes to primark buys a load of shit they don't need, socks that light up for a quid? I'll take them x

6. So this is pretty relatable.

7. Although then you find stuff you really want on the way out.

Primark, A Tale: buy an actual ton of stuff but then spot the best thing in the whole shop on your way out and you cba to queue up again 💔

8. You kind of forget that not everything is a couple of pounds.

It can't just be me that has it fixed in their head that no matter how much you chuck in a Primark basket, it won't exceed £50.

9. This is one of the moments you feel most smug.

Love when someone asks where you got something and it's from Primark

10. And then you get to give this response.

Whenever someone compliments something I got from Primark I feel OBLIGATED to tell them it's from Primark and how much it was

11. You've argued with someone over the right pronunciation.

primark has just settled the argument on the pronunciation it's time for me to go home

12. And if you're Irish, there's the difference in what to call it in the first place.

it breaks my republican heart to hear Irish beauty vloggers call penneys "primark"

13. You never feel the need to spend a lot of money on basics.

14. Your benchmark for what you'll pay is pretty different compared to other shops.

spending a tenner in primark vs spending a tenner anywhere else

15. Most of your basket is fluffy socks.

Primark should create an app so I can buy 40 pairs of fluffy socks without leaving my room

16. You've been caught in the rain with your paper bag.

Is there anything more despairing than walking in the rain with a soggy primark bag and the arse rips clean out of it

17. And if you have a S.O., you've dragged them in for a "quick look".

No matter where you are in the world, there's always time for ya gal to have "ten minutes" in Primark

18. Primark is always there for you in times of need, and laziness.

You know you're a student when you run out of socks and buying new primark ones is easier than just doing a wash 🙄

19. But there's one thing missing that you really want.

All I want is primark to have a online site and asos to have a shop