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    18 Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Scream With Laughter If You Have A Vagina

    "Am I wet? Am I on my period? Did I pee my pants? – next on wtf is going on down there."

    1. This misunderstanding that's gone on too long:

    2. This concern that books and movies never address:

    3. This confusion:

    4. These important questions:

    5. This contrast in advertising:

    6. This clarification:

    7. This deception:

    8. This mixup:

    9. This underwear issue:

    10. These unfair prices:

    11. This amazing response to a question:

    12. This very good point:

    13. This low-key superpower:

    14. This apt description:

    15. This interesting advice:

    16. This issue with porn:

    17. This person who definitely isn't real:

    18. And this perfect comparison:

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