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19 Tumblr Posts For Women Who Are Sick And Tired Of Bullshit

"I had a customer tell me he didn't want an avocado because it's a 'Woman's Vegetable'."

1. On trust issues:

2. On harassment:

3. On dress codes:

4. On respecting women:

5. On stereotypes:

6. On smart girls:

7. On giving people you don't fancy chances:

8. On "no makeup" looks:

9. On virginity:

10. On how wild gender roles are:

11. On women on TV and movies:

12. On women's clothing:

13. And the sheer lack of pockets:

14. On strong women leads:

15. On "you're not like other girls":

16. On adverts:

17. On not giving a fuck:

18. On how female characters are written:

19. And on the ideal future: