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18 Tumblr Posts About The Internet That Will Definitely Make You Laugh

*Goes a few hours without internet access* "Wow I’m so healthy and wild I could live in the woods".

1. This difference between real life you and internet you.

2. This feeling when you're offline for a while.

3. This time management.

4. This nostalgia.

5. This kind of weird thing we all do.

6. This Facebook regret.

7. And this terrible mistake we all made.

8. This highly relatable feeling.

9. This browser problem.

10. This amazing impression.

11. And this example of every older relative.

12. This really good point.

13. This meta moment.

14. This Snapchat problem.

15. This...helpful pop-up.

16. This summary of all Amazon reviews.

17. This example of Google looking out for us.

18. And finally, this amazing observation.