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    18 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Growing Up Desi That Are Way Too Real

    "Put some haldi on it" โ€“ the solution for everything, ever.

    1. Your relatives being really damn good at rhyming.

    2. Being asked this question.

    3. Having loads of people you apparently resemble.

    4. Having to put a week of your life aside when anyone gets married.

    5. Experiencing this disappointment when your family suggest going to a restaurant.

    6. Your parents being very inquisitive about your love life.

    7. Going through a comprehensive list of questions before going out somewhere.

    8. Not wanting to be so desi when you were younger, but then leaning towards it more over time.

    9. Constantly explaining that being Indian / Pakistani / Bangladeshi / Sri Lankan is still Asian.

    10. Thinking about what your parents are actually saying when they're telling you off, and being kind of confused.

    11. Having this be the explanation behind anyone getting ill.

    12. Dreading loads of relatives coming over because you'll be fetching things for everyone.

    13. Watching a lot of Star Plus.

    And eventually having all of the TV adverts burned into your memory too.

    14. Having household items constantly repurposed.

    15. Your parents insisting you accompany them to visit people who you have the most tenuous connection to.

    16. Having your patience tested every time you hear "chai tea".

    17. Being worried whenever you're out with your Mum in case you bump into someone you know.

    18. And receiving this advice no matter the problem.

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