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    Posted on Nov 7, 2017

    19 Tumblr Posts About TV Shows That Are Funny Because They're Fucking True

    "A grown ass man who is obviously at least 25 years old: I just turned sixteen I can't wait to get a car :)"

    1. On real-estate show couples:

    2. And on their frankly obscene budgets and expectations:

    3. On Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares:

    4. On this classic reality TV line:

    5. On '90s teen angst:

    6. On dating shows in 2017:

    7. On how American shows are vastly different from British ones:

    8. On every hospital drama's favourite song:

    9. On this fatally flawed plot:

    10. On just how little all the students on TV carry:

    11. And how timelines don't add up:

    12. On this insistence from every show:

    13. On adults playing teens:

    14. On this rudeness:

    15. On post-apocalyptic beauty:

    16. On romance in TV shows:

    17. On cartoon clichés:

    18. On this very common Catfish occurrence:

    19. On talent competitions:

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