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16 Times The Internet Hilariously Roasted The Hell Out Of Disney Princesses

"Why didn't Cinderella just beat they asses."

1. On Ariel's choice of friends:

how old is flounder. he sounds like he's like 5. ariel is 16 and trading limbs to a witch for a man. why is she best friends with a tiny kid fish. christ

2. And on how Ursula is unfairly portrayed for just trying to warn her:

wild that disney made a movie about a hot fat dom lesbian sea witch who dies desperately & unsuccessfully trying to use her witchcraft to prove to a straight girl that her father is a maniac & her bf only cares about her superficially

3. On Cinderella's struggles:

why didn't cinderella just beat they asses

4. On the townspeople judging Belle:

5. Seriously Belle, what the hell?

BELLE: There goes the baker with his tray like always BAKER: well there goes Belle, singing her DAILY MEAN SONG about us

6. On this Sleeping Beauty card's proclamation:

7. On Pocahontas' choice of love interest:

8. On where Ariel and King Triton's moral compass lay:

I like that in The Little Mermaid, Ariel & King Triton wouldn't violate a contractual obligation, but they murdered Ursula with a ship.

9. On Jasmine's judgement:

alladin: do u trust me jasmine: i've only known you for 2 hours a: so u don't wanna jump off this rooftop j: lemme ask my tiger first

10. On what impresses Ariel:

11. On Belle's discovery:

12. On fish anatomy:

13. On this unfortunate Snow White doll:

14. On Belle being a lil' snooty:

Belle could have easily set up some kind of literacy program in her town instead of being a pretentious snit about it

15. On the unrealistic expectations they all gave us about waking up to ~the sounds of nature~:

16. And on whether Cinderella was really walking around with no ears this whole time:

There was something bothering me on Cinderella's 3d model. It's not that I don't like it but she somehow looked different and I didn't know why, I just realized it's because SHE NEVER HAD EARS IN THIS COSTUME

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