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    19 Ron Swanson Moments That Will Make You Say "Me"

    For everyone who loves food but hates people.

    1. When this was his reaction to being hugged.

    2. And when he couldn't stand PDA.

    3. When he knew the best way to have a good party.

    4. When he just wanted to do nothing.

    5. But was happy to help others also do nothing.

    6. When he was just really blunt.

    7. Time and time again.

    8. When he knew the only reason to go to anything.

    9. When there was no food and he reacted accordingly.

    10. When he had this damn good reason for being hungry.

    11. When he hated losing.

    12. When he had his own way of calming down.

    13. When he had an ideal solution to people walking into his office.

    14. When he didn't want to deal with personal questions.

    15. Or fuss of any kind.

    16. When he was a man of very few words.

    17. When he actively loathed receiving phone calls.

    18. When he really didn't give a fuck.

    19. Because he always did what he wanted.