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    19 Times Elle Woods From "Legally Blonde" Was Downright Inspirational

    "You got into Harvard Law?" "What, like it's hard?"

    1. When she shut down a sales assistant who had her down as a "dumb blonde".

    2. When she said this to Warner after he was surprised she got into Harvard.

    3. When she knew what she wanted and was going to go for it.

    4. And studied constantly to make sure she got it.

    5. Which made it so great when all her hard work paid off.

    6. When she helped Paulette get her dog back from her ex-husband, by posing as her attorney.

    7. When she had her head held high and gave no fucks when people tried to make her feel embarrassed.

    8. When she started to realise her own worth.

    9. When she was a woman of her word.

    10. When she was the queen of multitasking.

    11. When she pointed out the unfairness in Warner thinking she wasn't smart.

    12. And when she was just the right amount of smug when she landed a coveted internship.

    13. When she was all about ~bringing women together~.

    14. And when she was thoroughly decent towards Vivian even though there was so much bad blood between them.

    15. When she schooled everyone in the courtroom who had doubted her.

    16. And was pretty casual about it all afterwards.

    17. When she had this response when Warner decided he wanted her back.

    18. When she made this iconic look of disgust as she walked away.

    19. And finally, when she gave this advice during her graduation speech.