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    18 Times David Mitchell Was Just Really Fucking Brilliant

    "We are whiling away our finite time before the grave!"

    1. When he was an expert on innuendo.

    2. When he ruminated on the English language.

    3. When he was 100% done with baking.

    BBC One

    4. When he bragged about his superpower.

    5. When he went on a rant about peacocks.

    6. When he had his own origin story idea for Batman.

    7. When he was brutally honest.

    8. When he made this dark but very true point.

    9. When he had a pretty good answer for Stephen Fry.

    10. And a comeback for Des O'Connor.

    11. When he found a new way to use the word "masturbatory"

    12. When he showed how ~relatable~ he was.

    13. Although he wasn't afraid to be unrelatable.

    14. When he had reasonable expectations for holidays.

    15. When he always erred on the side of caution.

    16. And when he didn't see the point of seeing the Olympics IRL.

    17. When he was very upfront about his skills.

    BBC One /

    "If there's a nuclear war I don't want to live. I don't want to come out of a shelter and rebuild society, I have no skills. How long, and it's basically back to the bronze age. I mean how long... OK, society is destroyed by a nuclear war, how long is it going to be before people are pitching panel shows again?"

    18. And when he had possibly the greatest reaction face ever.

    BBC One

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