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This Woman Is Extreme Knitting Giant Blankets And They Look So Cosy

I must have one of those huge blankets.

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This is Jacqui Fink, a 42-year-old Australian artist who specialises in extreme knitting.

Jacqui specialises in making throws, blankets, and installations, and in April 2012 launched her own business, Little Dandelion.

Jacqui told Buzzfeed News that the idea came to her in the days following her mother's lung transplant back in 2009. "While I was asleep, a big loud booming voice said to me, 'You have to knit and it needs to be big'".

"The command was as terrifying as it was profound and it woke me from my sleep. But I had asked for guidance from the universe for so long that I didn't dare question my vision. There was no way I wasn't going to listen to it."

She sometimes uses giant knitting needles to create her pieces.

She knits with merino wool rovine, a very delicate material, and sometimes with K1S1 yarn designed for extreme knitting.

For others, she uses her hands in what she refers to as "arm knitting".

"For some reason, my body has completed adapted to the rigour of knitting on such a large scale and I am constantly searching for ways to increase the scale of my work to see just how much my body and hands can cope with".

A standard throw uses about 5 kilos of yarn, but bigger installation pieces can weigh up to 80 kilos.

Throws that use merino wool can take around a week, whilst ones using "extreme knitting yarn" take a few hours. She says that big installations take several months.

Jacqui says it has a therapeutic effect. "Knitting is an exercise in mindfulness. Extreme knitting is mindfulness on steroids".

She creates everything herself, but as the demand for her work grows, she says she will need to reach out to others for help. She's also developing an oversized yarn, so that others can try their hand at extreme knitting.


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